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Girls Weekend, A Race and New Dance Class

on May 3, 2018


Why, yes. I did fall off the face of the Earth. But, I’m back!

Last weekend I had an awesome Girl’s trip with my mom and sister in Portland, Oregon. Alle moved there a few months ago and we were finally able to meet up and see her new digs. Let’s rewind and share some of the fun!

On Friday, Ken and Brooke dropped me off at the airport around 6:50 am and then continued on to Wyoming to hang out with Ken’s parents for the weekend! Safety in (adult) numbers, right Ken? πŸ˜‰



After a layover in Denver, I made it to Portland and was swooped up at airport and taken to a giant waterfall. I mean, does it get better than that?!


Oregon was absolutely gorgeous! So so green and waterfalls everywhere you looked.


IMG_4756 (1)

Alle was well prepared and brought about 4 extra rain coats for me to choose from. Turns out is rains off and on, but actually way less than I expected.



After visiting the waterfall, we drove down to Hood River for some Brewery time. We sampled some of the local beer and played on the riverside for a bit.



Since I was missing the kiddo, we made sure to hit up the park and get in some quality playtime!


After a quick stop at one of the coolest grocery stores that I have been to, a couple of Alle’s friends came over for dinner…and so my Mom and I could meet Ben. Oh my gosh. Look at that face. He was the sweetest little 2.5 year old Vizsla and I could not get enough!


PS…Alle’s house is the absolute cutest. She has such a talent for decorating!

Saturday morning started off with a walk to the most delicious French themed restaurant. I gained 4 pounds just by walking in the door!


We started with a “sipping chocolate” taster. Absolutely divine.


My taste buds can barely look at the pictures.




Northwest Salmon Hash


Banana French Toast.


Good thing I brought my stretchy pants!

After breakfast, we got dressed and headed out for the day’s activities-wine tasting!


It was a gorgeous day! Alle is well versed in the wineries around them and is a member at a couple, so we spent the day exploring and drinking delicious wines!






Let’s put it this way….I am a total lightweight when it comes to drinking, so I was having a GREAT time all day. Ha!

By the end of the third winery, we were all happy to head back to the house and put on pajamas, order a pizza and watch Pitch Perfect 3! (And cuddle with Elsa, of course)

IMG_5707 (1)

She has a thing for my Mom!


Perfectly normal for a Girl’s weekend!


And then we were quick into bed!

Sunday morning started early! We got up, Alle made breakfast and we headed downtown for a little half marathon. Fun fact: My knee started bothering me again the previous Wednesday, so I didnt run for the 3 days leading up to the race. Well rested or flat…..or hungover πŸ˜‰

We were there in plenty of time, warmed up and ready to go by the 7:30 start time. Unfortunately, they kept pushing the race back due to logistic issues and we didnt start until almost 8. So much for warming up!

We did the Rip City Race for the Roses Half Marathon.


I started out a bit too fast (and paid for it later) but felt good in the lower altitude. The weather predicted rain, but we did not have any during the actual race (it waited until after). While the course was not my favorite (lots of random street out and backs) it was fun to go fast! We went over an awesome bridge to cross the river twice. That was really cool. I got to see Alle 3 times as we passed on the out and backs. My goal was to break 1:45. I ended up finishing in 1:43:06!! The course was actually a bit long….I had 13.29 miles instead of 13.1. I know that watches sometimes get crazy in the buildings, but Alle’s said the same thing. It could have been that we had to weave through most of the 5k race field…but according to my watch, I ran the 13.1 in closer to 1:41 and change and around a 7:45 pace. I will take it, especially after a full day of wine tasting! It was good enough for 3rd in my age group and 8th overall woman!

Once I finished, I started cramping like crazy (thanks to never running on pavement and then jumping on it for 13 miles. Ugh.). My Mom had met me and we walked down towards the bottom of the final hill and then I ran it again with Alle. She did awesome (she ran an full in March and has not really run since). She finished just over 2 hours for the long course.


Pretty sure we are both talking in this picture!

IMG_4776 (1)

I hit a pretty nice wall around mile 9 and things went a bit south from there πŸ˜‰


We spent the rest of Sunday exploring downtown and eating the most delicious ice cream! Did a little shopping before heading home to sit in the hot tub for a bit! The best!

We did manage to get it together and go out for a light and delicious dinner. I dont need to eat for about a month now.

Monday morning, we were up and packing before heading to Blue Star for donuts. So good!!


Alle was kind enough to set me up with a hair appt and I got my hair cut (nicely) for the first time in about 3 years. Priorities. haha.

Post haircut, we headed to the airport and my Mom and I began our travel days home! It was quite bumpy , but we made it and I was really happy to see my little family at the airport around 8 pm!

By Tuesday, it was back to reality!


We ventured to town and discovered the pool was closed, so we visited the baby chicks and ducks instead!



There is a new baby horse in our neighborhood!


And we also spotted a camel. No idea on that one!


At 5, Brooke had an intro into her new dance class. She was pretty excited about it. Especially since her little bestie is in her class too!



And that about wraps up all of the excitement!

My legs have been happy to have a few days off and now I have to figure out what is next on the racing agenda! For now, I will be happy to play with my bikes for a bit πŸ˜‰

Hope you had a wonderful weekend (and week?!) as well!!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday…

2 responses to “Girls Weekend, A Race and New Dance Class

  1. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on your race! Looks like you had an awesome girls trip. I think I need to plan a girls trip again soon with my mom. I don’t see her often as she lives about 8 hrs away but we try to see each other every other month if possible. Do you see your sister very often?? I don’t think you’ve mentioned her recently. πŸ™‚

    • LeeAnn says:

      Thank you! It was such a fun trip! It was our first time doing a girls trip and it was awesome. That’s great that you guys try for every other month! I am about 17 hours from my mom and sister. We see each other 2-4 times a year. Not enough. She was out here last June to run the Steamboat Marathon πŸ™‚

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