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Weekend in Fruita

Hi there! How’s it going?? Back to the Monday we go! Anyone else nursing a weekend hangover…and no I dont mean from drinking 😉

We had a pretty great weekend…full of lots of sunshine and our first intro back into “hot”!

On Friday, Brooke, Jasper and I met up with Ken after work and we hit the road for the desert! The drive there didnt look very convincing as we hit a good amount of snow?!



Say, what?!

Jasper takes it all in stride.


We got to camp and climbed in the trailer and were quick to call it a night. It rained a bit overnight, but from there on out we were good!

The trip was a mini-camp for Ken to get in some good riding. I am currently tapering for a race this weekend, so I got to spend most of my time playing bikes around camp with Brooke!

We also did some hiking and such!



The views were incredible…as were the 70 something degree temps 🙂







Saturday morning, Ken went out on his mountain bike for about 2.5 hours while we played around camp. When he got back, we had some lunch and loaded into the truck. Ken and Brooke ventured to a dinosaur museum (which she did NOT like because it was really life-like). While they were in the pre-historic time, I set out for a 6 mile run….in shorts and a tank top. ha!

The run went well (7:59 average) on the pavement and I even saw a friend from Steamboat who was out riding his bike!! Such a small world. Since the museum was a bust, the husband and kiddo went to the bike park. It was a much bigger hit! Played there for a while before grabbing some ice cream and heading to Cabelas to explore.

Once we had enough shopping, Ken dropped us off at the most GIANT PARK EVER and he set out for his second 2+ hour ride of the day.








She was a bit tired afterwards 😉


We made it back to camp and hung out a bit before Ken got back from his ride. Then it was DINNERTIME!! I pre-made a lasagna so all we had to do was heat it up. Luxury camping 😉

Everyone was exhausted so we were all quick to bed.

Sunday started out with a mountain bike ride for Ken. Brooke and I made some mud pies and enjoyed the sunshine!



This guy loves to camp!


When Ken got back, I went out for just over an hour on my mountain bike! He sent me on some new to me trails and they were amazing!! Loving my new bike!!


The views stayed awesome.




Never enough desert for this guy!


While I packed up the trailer, Ken got out for an hour of gravel road riding to conclude his weekend of riding! He did a good job of wearing himself out!

Once back, we loaded up and hit the road! We stopped at Costco because it was kind of on the way home. Got home around 8:30, put the kid to bed and relaxed a bit before calling it a night. It was a wonderful weekend together!

Today has been a Monday with a side of Monday 😉 Lots of unloading, unpacking and laundry….and your typical post-camping weekend blues. Luckily, it is just the beginning of the Spring/Summer season!

Hope you had a good one as well!!

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Horses, Ice Skates and A Trip to the ER

Hi Friends, happy Friday!! So happy that the weekend is here. We had a bit of an unusual week over here, so we are happily rolling healthily into the weekend over here!

A glimpse of our random Tuesday night. The dog is a saint.


On Wednesday, Brooke and I loaded up into the truck around 7:45 am to meet up with some friends for the kiddos to ride horses. We were invited by a sweet friend at church to check out the arena that she caretakes. Oh my gorgeous. It was a dream. The girls had an amazing time brushing, petting, riding and leading the horses around.





It was pretty amazing!

The weather was pretty nice when we got home so we opted for some outdoor playtime!!

IMG_5549 (1)

I got in a 4.5 mile treadmill run with 2 of those at a 7:40 pace. Counting down to race day over here!

Thursday took a bit of a strange turn. After waking up and going about breakfast as usual, Ken started to have some pretty severe abdominal pain. We gave it some time, but since it was presenting in the right lower quadrant, appendicitis became a concern. With looming weekend plans that included time away from major cities, we thoughtfully considered venturing to the ER.

After calling our neighbor and dropping off Brooke, I actually dropped Ken off at work for a bit to see if things would subside. While the pain decreased over time, there was still something off so I picked him up and headed to the ER.

Super sexy gown 😉


We lucked out in that there was NO ONE in the ER. We had the whole place to ourselves. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. They did blood work and ran a urinalysis. Since there was blood in the urine, but no increase in white blood cells (and with the pain that he had), it was determined that he passed a kidney stone. Ouch! They did a CT scan just to make sure that there were no other stones looming and that his appendix was A-OK. Thankfully, everything went up from there. He felt good enough to go back to work so I kissed him goodbye and headed to pick up Brooke.

After a bit of lunch and some chores, it was time to load back into the truck to head to the grocery and then to skating lessons.


She looked much more comfortable out there this week! It is amazing how fast kiddos learn things!!


We picked Ken up after skating and headed home to pack up the trailer for some camping this weekend!

Today I jumped on the treadmill for 3 miles and have been packing and cleaning up the house. We will head into town later to meet Ken and spend a couple of days enjoying the sun and our bikes!

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Running, Gravel riding and a Trip to the Dentist. (with a side of weird weather)

Howdy, friends! How’s it going! Playing a little catch up over here after the weekend. It was spring-ish over here and I loved every minute. And then winter came back.

I did not take many pictures over the weekend…sign of a good weekend?

On Saturday, I headed out after breakfast for an 8 mile run (taper time!!). It felt surprisingly good and I finished with an 8:21 average pace. Once I made it home, it was time for some grub before sending Ken out on a 3 hour tour…I mean, ride. Brooke and I jumped on the quad and headed out to meet him for the last 30 minutes of his loop in case he needed any food or water.  Finished the evening out in the hot tub and everyone was happy.

Sunday started out with some bike race watching and latte drinking. It was nice to relax a bit and enjoy each other. Ken had planned to ride with a group, but since he had 4 hours of base riding to do (and the group NEVER does base) he opted to go solo.

Brooke and I headed to the pool and then the park and met him as he finished. We did a kiddo sway and I got out for a 3 mile run. I never run on pavement and since the half marathon is on the road, we thought I should pound some cement. I wasnt planning on going too fast, but I did my 3 miles at an 8:05 pace. Oops.

Since we were in town, I had brought my bike so that I could home. Ever the many-taskers.

It was an hour and a half (and 22 miles) of glorious gravel roads. Turns out that I have done very little outside riding and I was pretty tired when I got home!


But the views though!!


Hi, Hahns Peak!


Another evening in the hot tub and some muscle work on Ken’s legs and then we called it a night!

Monday was filled with all the chores….and a trip to the dentist.

This girl LOVES the dentist. Maybe that is because she has like zero plaque, no cavities and gets to pick a toy. Gonna call that a win!


Yesterday looked like this…


We took the pup out for a walk (Brooke ran the whole time). It was a bit windy, but plenty warm!


And then today looked like this…


Quite the difference, huh? Spring in the mountains.

Because I am crazy, I took advantage of the crummy weather and switched out my winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. Yep…I just ensured 6 more weeks of winter. Sorry!

Ken and I have plans to ride the trainers after Brooke goes to bed tonight (since the wind kept us up and we were too tired this morning!).

Brooke and I have plans for her to play with horses tomorrow morning….should be fun!!

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