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Return of Winter….We will take back Spring, thanks!

The week back after vacation is the longest week ever….am I right?!?! Today feels like it has been about 28 hours long already (and it isnt even 3:30!).

But alas, we will make it. Because the weekend is SO.CLOSE!

Here are some randoms from the week!!

Winter came back. Ha. (Happy to say that most of what showed up has since melted off again 😉  ).


This is what Jasper thought about the return of the snow….


Found my new favorite recovery fuel. High in protein, totally works, right?!


Speaking of recovery…I needed it on Wednesday! I finally got in a great running workout. I ran on the treadmill for pace purposes. Warm-up followed by 2 miles at a 7:30 pace, 1 mile easy, 1 mile at a 7:30 pace, .5 mile rest and 1 more mile at the 7:30 pace followed by a mile of cool down. Eight miles total and 4 were hard. I will take it (especially after coming back to altitude).

Yesterday morning started with an early morning spin on the trainers with the husband. It was a bit of a shock to the system, but it had to happen.

Because of the killer snow, Brooke and I hit up the resort for about 3.5 hours of skiing.



Happened across a group checking out a porcupine in the tree! WHAT!?!?!?!


We had a fantastic day skiing (getting back to the truck was the most exhausting part!) followed by some errands and home to the pup!

Enjoying our gorgeous flowers and vase from my parents-in-law. They make me feel like I am on a tropical vacation! Thanks, again!!


Brooke is slightly obsessed with the Easter card from my parents. Super cheesy jokes and she just cant get enough!! hahaha.


Other than that, just hanging out and doing chores today! Wondering if I will actually do my 4 mile run this evening or if I will blow it off…still up in the air 😉

Hope that you are having a fantastic Good Friday and wishing you a very Happy Easter!

We have some plans for the weekend…I will let you know how they play out on Monday! Bring on Spring!!


Mega Road Trip 2018 Part 2

Welcome back to the vacation recap!!

Last Thursday, we opted to surprise Brooke with a trip to Disneyland. It was going to be rainy, but we were hoping that meant less people (we walked on to 85% of the rides).

We did not tell Brooke where we were going until we were in the parking structure at Disneyland and even then she didnt really believe us until she saw the gates!

We maybe made the mistake of taking her on a roller coaster first thing….took a bit to come back from that! She was a bit overwhelmed with it all, but has talked about how much she loved it since, so I think it just took her a bit to process it!

Pictures in no particular order….





Brooke and I played on some little kid rides while Ken went on the drop ride…no, thanks. hahaha.








I started off the day in a rain jacket, but it disintegrated and I opted to buy a $10 poncho instead of going back to the car for one of the other 2 jackets I had with me.





Brooke LOVED meeting the princesses. It was a definite highlight!


After some quality time in Disney, we hopped over to California adventure for a spin. Brooke LOVED California Adventure!




After about 10.5 hours in the parks, we left and grabbed some dinner before heading home. Brooke fell asleep on the way and went straight to bed. Ken and I ended up in the hot tub with my sister and her husband chatting for an hour before crashing hard!

On Friday, we got up to a much more relaxed day. Ken had plans to meet up with a friend to ride bikes in Malibu. He left around 8 and the rest of us enjoyed some breakfast before deciding what to do with ourselves. Around 10:30, my mom, Brooke, Alle and I loaded into the car to head to Zuma Beach. It was gorgeous out and Brooke had a BLAST playing in the sand!





Auntie Alle even found some sand crabs and B was in heaven!


These guys were also looking for sand crabs 😉


Pure happiness


We even saw some dolphins!! Followed the beach up with a delicious lunch (seafooooodd) and ran some errands on the way home!

Once home, Ken played with Brooke and I went out on my mountain bike for about an hour to work on my (lack of) skills. It had that lovely post-rain feel. So green for SoCal.





On Saturday, Ken went for a ride in the airplane with my dad and Alle’s husband (Dave). They headed up to Big Bear and I headed out on the road and up Big Tujunga Canyon. Alle and my mom were kind enough to take Brooke on a hike with them and the pups. It was gorgeous, though pretty cross-windy in the canyon. My first time up and it didnt disappoint.


Saturday night was filled with a birthday/anniversary party for my dad/parents. It was awesome to see some friends that I had not seen in a long time! We left a little early since we had an early wake up call the next day.

Sunday was filled with DRIVING. A lot of driving. It took us 15 hours to get home. Brooke and Jasper were absolute rock stars. We pulled in to our house around 11:15 pm (thanks hour difference), put B in bed and were quick to get in bed ourselves.

Overall it was a fantastic trip…and now it is nice to be home! It looked like Spring was here, though it snowed this morning and is supposed to snow through tomorrow. Guess we better get out the skis again!


And that wraps up most of the highlights!! Hope you had an incredible week! We are excited for some Easter celebrations this weekend and hopefully and not-too-snowy egg hunt!

Any special plans for you??

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Mega Road Trip 2018 Part 1

Hi, friends! How are you?? I have been off the grid for a while so I thought that I would jump in with some catch up!! The last couple of days have been pretty quiet as we have been unpacking, doing laundry and getting groceries….soooooo, let us have a look at the 10 or so days before that because they were much more exciting! I will spare you the nitty gritty details, but how about some highlights!?

Friday, um, like a week and a half ago (yeah, we didnt have a ton of downtime to catch up!)….we jumped in the truck around noon and picked Ken up from work before starting our epic journey!

Clearly, Jasper knows the drill….


Brooke was pretty excited about her new lap tray.


We made it to Fruita in time for Ken to get in a mountain bike ride and me, Jasper and Brooke to get in a great hike!


Spent the night in Grand Junction before setting out the next morning to find some new trails! Both Ken and I got in around an hour on our mountain bikes (switching off to hang with B) before spending the rest of the afternoon driving.


In Cedar City, we made sure to pick up In-N-Out for dinner. So good.


We had planned to stop in a town surrounding Las Vegas, but due to March Madness EVERYTHING in the area was booked solid. Seriously!?!?!

We continued our drive and ended up in Barstow, CA. Not exactly the cream of the crop of hotels, but it did the job!


The next morning (Sunday if you are keeping count), it was a little chilly in the car.


We spent to morning driving until we made it to Fresno and made a stop at Costco, because…Costco. Grabbed some essentials and made our way to Coarsegold to visit with Ken’s grandma. It was SO green!! Nice to see after white all Winter at home 😉


We had a lovely afternoon (I got in a 6 mile run-all hills) before grabbing some tasty Mexican food for dinner!

Monday morning, we hung out with Grams. She made us a delicious breakfast while Brooke and I played by the fire and Ken moved firewood.


After a quick wardrobe change, Brooke had to show off her skills!

IMG_5188_LI (2)

Rocks make the best playgrounds.









After lots of hugs and some packing, we were back in the car and on our way to Southern California. We made it to my parent’s house just in time to help my mom pick up a vehicle before we left Brooke with her and headed out for a quickie mountain bike ride.




Tuesday was a bit rainy, but we found some windows for workouts! Ken got in a 3ish hour ride and I got in a 5 mile hilly trail run. Meanwhile, Brooke did all the things.


In the afternoon, we headed down to Disney Studios (where my parent’s are working) for a little tour and hang out time.


Brooke was a little unsure of the whole thing.


Maybe she thought she would try to hold up the building as well?


Pretty cool!


Spent the evening grading (dun dun dun)….And then Jasper thought he would join me in bed.


Wednesday was super rainy, so Ken and I did some errand running before spending the evening hanging with my brother and his 2 kiddos. Ken and I opted to run separately as my Mom was working….4 miles for me, 4.5 for him!

Brooke had no fun at all 😉


And that was the first half of our trip (or at least the exciting parts!).

In an effort to not be photo overload….I will go ahead and post the rest tomorrow! A surprise trip to Disneyland may have been involved 🙂

Have a great night! Vacation was amazing, but it is nice to be home!

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