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Post-Valentine’s Day

Hi there! Happy Post-Valentine’s Day! Did you eat too much candy?? I actually don’t think that we had any candy yesterday. Brooke opted for a banana muffin over candy (calling that a win!).

Our Valentine’s Day started with Ken and I blowing off our morning ride. He opted to meet me for a run later in the day!

Brooke and I headed into town around 9:30 to run some errands and do our grocery shopping before making our way to her ski lesson at 12. I dropped her off and ran over to the bottom of Blackmere where Ken met up with Jasper and I!! It was such a fun treat to have a run buddy (though I held him back, for sure). Jasper was pretty excited too!

Brooke is getting to be pretty PRO at getting dressed in the back of the truck. Always good when you look tired BEFORE the lesson, right?


Unsure if he was coming with me…


While B played in the snow, the boys and I ran (well, Ken ran it all and I took a few hiking breaks) to the top of Quarry. The snow was TOUGH to run in! Pretty much like running up a sand dune.

Foggy lens from being in my pants pocket. Oops



It was so much fun to hang out with this guy on his lunch!


I got in 6 miles total for the day (was supposed to do 7, but the difficulty made up for that one missed mile!). Just over 1,135 feet of climbing…totally worth it for the downhill!! Fun fact: I LOVE climbing on my bike but dislike descending….I LOVE technical descents running, but not so much the climbing…And Ken is the opposite (except he likes climbing on his bike too).

Once we picked up Brooke, we headed home for an afternoon of putting away groceries and prepping dinner before spending quality family time watching the Olympics and playing around the house.

This morning, we awoke to about 8 inches of fresh snow…apparently winter decided to show up. We headed down to the basement for 45 minutes of riding and then some weights.


When Ken left for work, I headed out for 1.5 hours of snow plowing and blowing. Exhausting!


Of course, Jasper had to help.


Naturally, Brooke took that time to get out every one of her toys, so now we have an afternoon of cleaning up and cleaning the house to get ready for some company that is supposed to come tomorrow(weather dependent!).

Guess I better get to it! Have a great day…the weekend is coming!

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A Day for Tubing and Sad News

Hi there and happy Tuesday to you! How is your day going? Nice weather? Good workout?

Our day started off in the dark (well, Ken’s did!). I prepped all his stuff last night, so he got up solo and hit the road for some snowmobile/back country skiing this morning! Apparently, there was a TON of snow and it was well worth his early morning.

Brooke and I started our day a bit later (6:40 am was a much nicer time to roll out of bed!). Had some breakfast, did some chores…all that fun stuff. There was an unfortunate incident with a mixing bowl :(. The bowls were a wedding gift almost 9 years ago and I had done so well….At least it was a set of 4, so I am still up 3!


Around 9, I headed to the basement for a quick ride. I started with 50 minutes to use, but between moving laundry and answering work phone calls, I ended up with just over 40 minutes of actual riding. Sometimes you take what you can get!


It was a quick ride because we had to load up the car and head to a date on a tubing hill. A very nice family has a killer hill that he grooms for tubing. He invited our home school group to use it. We spent about 2 hours (17 kids!) hanging out and flying down the hill! It was incredible!! He was snow mobiles with sleds on that back to get to the top.




We got home just in time to have some lunch before anyone got hangry. Brooke’s Aunt Alle sent her the coolest Valentine’s Day craft kit and she cant get enough. So adorable!


Our snow (we got about 8-10 inches yesterday!) is looking gorgeous! It is pretty warm today, so the road is melting off and it was a bit muddy.


Just hanging for the rest of the day doing housework and working. Hoping to throw in some stretching or yoga this afternoon! Tubing is hard!

I am sorry to end this post on a sad note, but our neighbor’s had to put down our favorite Golden Retriever today. He has been battling an aggressive cancer for about 6 months and made it much longer than expected. He was only 4 and we are all going to miss him so much. There are lots of tears today, but we are thankful that we got to spend time giving him lots of love yesterday. He was the best dog friend you could ask for.




We love you, Jax.

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Winter Carnival and Outside Play

When you write “good morning” and realize it is the afternoon…..that’s how you know it is Monday 😉 We had a pretty nice weekend over here and are spending the day cleaning things up and getting ready for the rest of the week!

The weekend started on Friday…

Brooke and I headed into town in the morning to see some of the snow sculptures and hit up the pool! We had a lovely time and enjoyed seeing what some of the people in our town created!

Brooke was really impressed and (per usual) refused to look at the camera. Please excuse the pool hair.





We made it home in time to prep some dinner and relax a bit before Ken’s parents arrived. We had a nice evening hanging out and watching some Olympic action (which we kind of did all weekend…or at least when we were inside!).

On Saturday, we had breakfast and then I set out for 6 miles of running in the wind. Going out was nice and warm, but coming back in the headwind was rough! I literally had to stop and face the other direction to defrost my face 4 times!

Once home, I showered and then we all loaded up to check out some action at the Winter Carnival. It was pretty incredible! These kids were fearless! Not sure that I want to get towed behind a horse on chunky snow?!?!


Brooke thought it was pretty cool!




We ventured home to warm up and have some lunch before heading out into the yard for some snowy playtime! The boys spent the afternoon working on a welding project (it’s going to be awesome!!).

After a quick (and windy) dip in the hot tub, we went back into town for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Town was pretty nuts, so we had a bit of a wait, but it was worth it (as always). We finished up quickly and headed into the crowd. We were lucky and found a great place to park to watch the firework show. Brooke was very excited and they didnt disappoint!

Sunday started with breakfast and Church. We made it home in time for some lunch before heading out to play on the cross country skis!! It was awesome! The weather was prefect, the snow conditions were phenomenal and we all had a great time!


Nice rig! And a killer workout for Ken 😉


The views!


Oh hey, GrandBob!


Brooke wore her skis and crushed the descents.


Then they figured out that this was a great mode of transport…all she needs is a water ski handle!!


Outside is my happy place!!


Love my little family!!


Safe to say we all had a good time!!


And one with Jasper 😉


Seriously, awesome. She kept asking for a tow back up to come down the steep parts!


The boy!


It was an amazing day! Followed it up with a delicious dinner and then it was time for bed! I had a rough time falling asleep and Brooke had me up at 12:15 am and then I was back up at 4, so the alarm at 5:30 was a bit brutal. BUT I dragged my behind out of bed and hit the bike trainer with Ken. I did 45 minutes of spinning and 10 minutes of weights before heading back to up to get breakfast going. We said goodbye to Ken and then GrandBob and Nene and spent the morning cleaning up the house. Around 10:15 I jumped on the treadmill for 4 miles at around a 8:20 pace. I planned to run outside in the snow, but it was coming down pretty hard and Brooke insisted I head to the basement instead.

Pretty happy to see this white stuff!


Pretty jealous of this guy…that is what I would like to be doing today!



Pretty low key rest of the day for us over here! Not sad about it!

Hope that you got to play outside this weekend! Have any Valentine’s Day plans this week??

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