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Saturday Happenings

on February 25, 2018

Saturday night!! Lots of excitement over here! I kid….the kiddo went to bed at 7:30, the husband is in the shop working on guy things and I finally caught up on all of my grading (large classes this block).  Sooooo I am currently in comfy clothes hanging out alone watching the figure skating exhibitions. Dream big.

But here are some highlights, since I have been MIA working on school work at every possible down moment.

Friday was pretty low key. Lots of chores (feeding of horses, plowing/blowing of snow, house cleaning), some outside playtime and a quickie 4 mile run on the treadmill. Brooke is currently afraid of any random creak she hears in the house (?!?!?!) so she has been asking me to run in the basement. Thank goodness for the treadmill!

This guy thought it would be a good idea to bring his toy inside. Gross! But that face, so it happened.


In the evening, we had a really exciting game of Candyland. She beat me. Twice.



This morning, Ken and I were watching the Omloop Road Race. Brooke wasnt into it, so she grabbed my computer, went UPSTAIRS to get a yoga mat and put on her kid yoga video. I die.


The husband decided to venture out into the cold and had to bring his bike in to preheat. HA! (please excuse the breakfast dishes!)


He lasted 3.25 hours in what equated to -14 degrees (with windchill). He is insane and badass mixed together. The wind was BRUTAL. He got home and did the other 45 minutes on the trainer to defrost and finish off 4 hours of riding!

While he was out, B and I finally found batteries for the Wii board and got it synced to the TV. She had a blast doing all of the Wii things…snow sports, more yoga, balance work. She loves it!


The plan was for me to head out for a run when Ken got home, but he told me to take it downstairs. We had 5+ inches of snow and the plow had not been out. Not much traffic=lots of snow….which means absolutely destroyed legs (read: calves). I changed out of my cold weather clothes and into shorts and a sports bra and headed to the treadmill.

12 miles. umph. That was a LOT on a treadmill. I kept the incline at 0 because I am working towards a flat half marathon in April. It totally stresses different muscles than my usual rolling hills (or mountains).

12 miles at an 8:34 average pace. A lot of the middle miles were faster. I used miles 1 and 12 as warm up and cool down. I was really happy with that!



And perfect recovery foods.


Brooke wanted to play restaurant in her bedroom after and I was happy to oblige. Customer all afternoon…while laying on the bed. Excellent!


The wind died down in the evening and we were all happy to venture out to the hot tub for an hour! Yes, please.

And now, I am trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard. Might be time for bed! 😉

Random pic because I am actually obsessed with the cuteness of these guys….


Hope that you are having an amazing weekend!!

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