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Post-Valentine’s Day

on February 15, 2018

Hi there! Happy Post-Valentine’s Day! Did you eat too much candy?? I actually don’t think that we had any candy yesterday. Brooke opted for a banana muffin over candy (calling that a win!).

Our Valentine’s Day started with Ken and I blowing off our morning ride. He opted to meet me for a run later in the day!

Brooke and I headed into town around 9:30 to run some errands and do our grocery shopping before making our way to her ski lesson at 12. I dropped her off and ran over to the bottom of Blackmere where Ken met up with Jasper and I!! It was such a fun treat to have a run buddy (though I held him back, for sure). Jasper was pretty excited too!

Brooke is getting to be pretty PRO at getting dressed in the back of the truck. Always good when you look tired BEFORE the lesson, right?


Unsure if he was coming with me…


While B played in the snow, the boys and I ran (well, Ken ran it all and I took a few hiking breaks) to the top of Quarry. The snow was TOUGH to run in! Pretty much like running up a sand dune.

Foggy lens from being in my pants pocket. Oops



It was so much fun to hang out with this guy on his lunch!


I got in 6 miles total for the day (was supposed to do 7, but the difficulty made up for that one missed mile!). Just over 1,135 feet of climbing…totally worth it for the downhill!! Fun fact: I LOVE climbing on my bike but dislike descending….I LOVE technical descents running, but not so much the climbing…And Ken is the opposite (except he likes climbing on his bike too).

Once we picked up Brooke, we headed home for an afternoon of putting away groceries and prepping dinner before spending quality family time watching the Olympics and playing around the house.

This morning, we awoke to about 8 inches of fresh snow…apparently winter decided to show up. We headed down to the basement for 45 minutes of riding and then some weights.


When Ken left for work, I headed out for 1.5 hours of snow plowing and blowing. Exhausting!


Of course, Jasper had to help.


Naturally, Brooke took that time to get out every one of her toys, so now we have an afternoon of cleaning up and cleaning the house to get ready for some company that is supposed to come tomorrow(weather dependent!).

Guess I better get to it! Have a great day…the weekend is coming!

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