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What I Ate Wednesday

on February 9, 2018

Hi there! Checking in late today after a day of chores and prepping for company!

This morning started with an early alarm and 50 minutes on the trainer. After the snow run yesterday, my legs were happy to just spin easy for a bit.

Winter mornings are pretty neat!


Since today was pretty boring…I thought that I would pop in with a What I Ate Wednesday! I love reading these posts on other blogs so I thought I would jump in! Disclaimer: Wednesdays are weird because ski school is right at lunch time, so it is outside our usual routine. But here we go….

Post (1st) workout coffee (with coconut milk and collagen powder).  I cannot quite do coffee alone, but add a little milk and we are good to go!


Pre-breakfast TEFF cookie. Seriously addicted to them…and they go great with coffee 😉


Kodiak cakes and pure maple syrup. A crowd favorite in our house!


Post grocery shopping/pre-ski snacks for Brooke and I. I cannot do a big lunch before a run, so we grabbed these little snack packs while we were shopping. Brooke thinks that they are just her size.


Post run goodness.


When we got home, I had to unload the groceries and I was so hangry, that I pulled out a bowl of leftover ground beef with taco seasoning and went to town. Kinda like Paleo, right?


With a little extra hydration. Brooke loves it too!


Split a pear with Brooke.


And had a couple pieces of jerky. Two workouts a day=give me the protein!


More hydration (I hate the taste of regular water)….95% water, 5% tart cherry juice.


Since the day was super light on veggies for me (ugh-today was way better and Brooke always requests veggies and fruits for snacks), I made sure to get some colors in for dinner! (Also, I forgot to take pictures once Ken was home, so this is a picture of his leftovers for lunch!)

Sloppy Joe bowls with brown rice and peppers with green onions.


With a glass of vino. Super classy Kirkland Signature!


Made sure to get in a scoop of ice cream and a thin mint for dessert!



And I think that about wraps it up for the foods yesterday!

Another morning workout tomorrow and hopefully heading in to town to go to the pool and check out the snow sculptures! Winter Carnival started last night, so we are hoping to check out some of the activities this weekend. Brooke wants to make sure to see the sculptures before they melt.

We have company coming in tomorrow, so it will be radio silence until next week! I hope that you have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!

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