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Change of Plans

on February 2, 2018

Happy Friday!! Welcome, weekend! Anything fun going on?? We were supposed to have company over the weekend, but some things came up for them so we are going to enjoy some family time and hopefully some snow!

Yesterday was pretty relaxed as Brooke and I hung around the house doing some chores. I hopped on the treadmill in the morning to knock out a 5 mile run…it was supposed to be 6, but after the crash the night before 5 was all I had in me. “Speed work’ (okay, post-race speed) makes me sleepy. 😉 The neck was not super thrilled with the running, but it managed.


The half marathon I am planning on for April is pancake flat, so I have been keeping the treadmill on 0 incline since all my outside runs include elevation change. Got to train those repetitive muscles somehow!

We spent some time playing outside in the afternoon before Ken got home for dinner. Then, Brooke thought it would be fun to “style” my hair. It took a while to “unstyle” my hair.


Brooke took my phone to capture the back of the look.


Ouch. Hahahaha.


Since Brooke was sad about the change of weekend plans, we opted to have a date in town for some swimming and ice cream eating today. Perfectly normal for February, right?


We stopped by Smell That Bread Bakery to pick up some goodies for the weekend. Um, yes please!! Unpictured: A giant chocolate chip cookie that was everything.


We are just hanging out now relaxing before Ken gets home for the weekend. Going to make a pot pie for dinner and probably blow off the trainer ride that we talked about this morning (we will see how the motivation works out!).

In the meantime….here are a couple of books that I enjoyed over the last month.

Draft Animals


If you have ever wondered what it is like in the professional world of road cycling, this is a great book for you! Phil doesn’t hold back as he shares some of the good and some of the bad in the sport. It is a super easy read that will have you laughing and crying. He likes cookies. A lot.

The Trail Runner’s Companion


This was a super informative (almost textbook-ish) read. Sarah does a great job of sharing what to expect with trail running/racing. Having run a trail marathon last year, there are parts of me that wish I would have read it sooner! I learned a ton and got a glimpse into the world of Ultras…not quite sure I am there yet, though I see the draw! She also shares a lot of things that people dont like to talk about, but are a real part of running in the wild (think:overshare moments) 😉 Also a great read!

The Wrong Side of Comfortable

Need a pick me up? Motivation to move to the next level? Read Amy’s book! This is the story of her giving up her comfortable job and life and taking a major step into the world of professional cycling. Yes, there is info about bike racing, but this is more a book about not being afraid to make a change and go for your dreams. Also, I have met Amy and Ken rides with her and her husband and they are just pretty awesome!

So that is that! Now we look forward to watching Cyclocross World Championships, getting in some workouts and lots of playtime this weekend!!

Reading anything good? Recommendations? Doing anything great this weekend??

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