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Some Cold Days, a Great Workout and the Pool!

Howdy friends! How has your week been? We have had a blast of winter the past few days but we are not complaining! Nice to finally have some snow.

On Monday evening, I headed out to move some snow so the husband could get back up the driveway. It was a bit chilly…and windy. Not the best combo…but we have all the clothes.


Tuesday morning was -3 degrees. Since the neighbors are in Hawaii (not jealous or anything šŸ˜‰ ) I headed over to feed the horses and birds. Our other neighbors were also gone, so I had to grab eggs out of the chicken coop. I was a frozen hot mess when I got home!


I think he liked the smells on my pants, because he just wanted to be in my lap!


Ken opted to take his fat bike to ride at lunch, so I hit up the trainer for an hour just before lunch. It had been a while since I had done anything other than soft pedal or base riding, so it was nice to hop into the tempo zone for a good part of the ride!

Someone got a new rain jacket. Bring on Spring!


Yesterday, we headed into town for the usual errands and ski lessons.

While the B played on the slopes, I headed out for a 7 mile run. It was too cold in the morning to bring Jasper (-13 degrees) so I was solo. I opted to stay on the path so I could get in an actual workout.

1 mile warm up and 2 x 2 mile efforts with a mile between and a mile cool down (though at 19 degrees, not sure how much I needed to cool down!). The efforts averaged around 7:45 min/mile. I call that a win since I was shooting for an 8 min/mile pace and the path was a mix of concrete, spongy snow and ICE. Almost went down a few times, but happily kept it upright.

Post run arm sweat. Delish. Ugh.


I am a HUGE fan of leg warmers. I pulled them up over my knees on the easy miles since it really was cold enough to feel it in the joints and then pulled them down for the efforts. Perfection. Plus, who doesnt like to act like we are back in the ’80s?!


We did a little shopping and these two cute plants came home so we could pretend that it is Spring.


By dinnertime, I was eating this out of the container. Interval days, am I right?!


Ken got home around 7 from a long day of work and travel.

This morning (after feeding all the animals), B and I hit up the pool for some play time. It was perfect. Before grabbing the most delicious donuts (because we JUST realized that we have a donut place?!). No picture because we inhaled them!



Now it is time for some cleaning and cleaning out the fireplace! Dream big!

Have a great night!




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Company for the Weekend and a Blizzard

Hi there! How was your weekend?? Do you have today off? Ken has to work, so we are business as usual over here.

Let’s rewind to a bit of a weekend recap.

On Friday, Brooke and I spent most of the day cleaning up the house and prepping for company. By mid-afternoon, I totally needed a pick me up! This did the trick, thanks husband!


Brooke relished in some very sweet Valentine’s Day gifts that she received! Perfectly normal to be wearing shorts in February in the snow. Cutest.


Jasper was pretty excited with his toy as well and had to take it out to play in the snow!


Brought a mattress up from the basement. No biggie….okay, it was HARD and I has exhausted afterwards.


And then this! Donezo.


Our guests arrived just in time for some dinner and some quality hang out time. They have 2 kids, so Brooke was in HEAVEN all weekend playing with them!

On Saturday, our guests headed into town to ski at the resort. Ken ventured out for a 3.5 hour ride (?!?!) while B and I hung out at played outside. When Ken got home, I traded roles and hit the road for a 10 mile run. It was the first time I hit double digits since last August, so I felt it for sure! Mixed with slippery roads and some decent wind, it was a game of clothes on and off and just trying to make it home! Finished with a pace average of 9:08 minutes/mile which I was pretty happy with considering the conditions!

At home, Ken thought it would be fun to take out the snow mobiles. Brooke got prepped while listening to some tunes. Seriously, so much cooler than me!


It was absolutely gorgeous, but there was a lot more snow than we expected and since I lack all skill….I ended up getting stuck 5 times and it required lots of digging and flipping of machines and utter exhaustion.


Oops…got that a little snowy.





B getting ready to drop in on the Pow surfer. Kidding, Ken did šŸ˜‰


Cant beat the views!


Coolest kid.


Once we made it back down the mountain, I hopped in the shower while Ken took our visiting children guests out to play in the yard on the snow mobiles. They had an absolute BLAST!

Prepped some dinner and enjoyed the Olympics while the kiddos played!

On Sunday, we enjoyed a relaxed morning with friends before they set off for another day of skiing and heading home. Ken took his bike out for about an hour and 45 minutes while I moved 5 sleds worth of firewood over to the house. Started the process of cleaning up the house and got some lunch ready before Ken got home.

After some lunch, K, B and IĀ  (and Jasper) loaded up the truck and hit up Howelsen for a couple hours of skiing. It was incredible. Something clicked for Brooke and she just dominated the mountain. Ken and I just stared at each other. She just owned it! And I can no longer keep up with her. Just like that. I thought I had at least a year before she was kicking my butt. Nope.

She took my phone and I found some quality pics later.


We made it home and I hopped on the trainer for an hour while Ken got some tacos together (okay, I prepped most of it…but he cut the olives and tomatoes šŸ˜‰ ).

Brooke went to bed pretty early, so we hung out and watched the Olympics while I did some class work….and then we went to bed early too!

This morning we were up early to ride the trainers. Brooke came down and played while we finished up!


And once Ken left for work, a blizzard started. Getting home should be interesting šŸ˜‰


I jumped on the treadmill for 4 easy miles before playing with Brooke.


And then we made macaroons. I am not really a coconut person, but these are amazing!


And now B is in the bath while I type this! Once she is done, I have a date with the snow blower so Ken can get back in the driveway! So much snow today!! Of course this is the week that I am feeding the neighbor horses! Ha. Should be a fun walk over this evening!

Hope that you had the day off and have had a great 3 day weekend!!

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Post-Valentine’s Day

Hi there! Happy Post-Valentine’s Day! Did you eat too much candy?? I actually don’t think that we had any candy yesterday. Brooke opted for a banana muffin over candy (calling that a win!).

Our Valentine’s Day started with Ken and I blowing off our morning ride. He opted to meet me for a run later in the day!

Brooke and I headed into town around 9:30 to run some errands and do our grocery shopping before making our way to her ski lesson at 12. I dropped her off and ran over to the bottom of Blackmere where Ken met up with Jasper and I!! It was such a fun treat to have a run buddy (though I held him back, for sure). Jasper was pretty excited too!

Brooke is getting to be pretty PRO at getting dressed in the back of the truck. Always good when you look tired BEFORE the lesson, right?


Unsure if he was coming with me…


While B played in the snow, the boys and I ran (well, Ken ran it all and I took a few hiking breaks) to the top of Quarry. The snow was TOUGH to run in! Pretty much like running up a sand dune.

Foggy lens from being in my pants pocket. Oops



It was so much fun to hang out with this guy on his lunch!


I got in 6 miles total for the day (was supposed to do 7, but the difficulty made up for that one missed mile!). Just over 1,135 feet of climbing…totally worth it for the downhill!! Fun fact: I LOVE climbing on my bike but dislike descending….I LOVE technical descents running, but not so much the climbing…And Ken is the opposite (except he likes climbing on his bike too).

Once we picked up Brooke, we headed home for an afternoon of putting away groceries and prepping dinner before spending quality family time watching the Olympics and playing around the house.

This morning, we awoke to about 8 inches of fresh snow…apparently winter decided to show up. We headed down to the basement for 45 minutes of riding and then some weights.


When Ken left for work, I headed out for 1.5 hours of snow plowing and blowing. Exhausting!


Of course, Jasper had to help.


Naturally, Brooke took that time to get out every one of her toys, so now we have an afternoon of cleaning up and cleaning the house to get ready for some company that is supposed to come tomorrow(weather dependent!).

Guess I better get to it! Have a great day…the weekend is coming!

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