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Early Morning, Send Coffee.

on January 31, 2018

Happiest Hump day to you! We can get excited that it is the middle of the week, right?

Yesterday was a bit rough as it started around 3:30 in the morning. This time it was not my fault, but I still blame the moon πŸ˜‰ Brooke showed up at my bedside with a handful of stuffed animals and was ready to party. Ugh. After bringing her into our bed, it was just too hot for me and since she was being fidgety, I scooped her and her animals up and we headed to the guest room. It was a lot cooler, just the two of us and she fell right to sleep. Also, it kept us from keeping Ken awake. Unfortunately, I never fell back to sleep. Womp womp.

I heard Ken head down to the trainer around 5:45 but there was no way I was up for that, so I just stayed in bed until about 6:50 when I got up to make breakfast. Brooke woke up at 7:10 all cheery. I looked at her with dagger eyes πŸ˜‰

Once Ken went to work, I cleaned up the kitchen and headed downstairs for an hour to ride. There is a possibility that I might do a bike race tonight, so I had to pump up the legs. They were not thrilled with the workout, but they hung in there.

Only dipped into the anaerobic for a little while.


Post-ride and necessary shower, Brooke insisted on an early lunch. We ate and then got dressed to head outside. While it wasn’t quite as warm as Monday (windchill), it was still nice out and we had a great time pretending that we were polar bears…and eating Jasper. Perfectly normal.




Thin jacket in January…no biggie.


Such a goof.


I keep forgetting her sunglasses in the truck Ken takes to work….so she has been wearing my goggles.


Giant melting puddle. Gross.


The snow was in perfect sliding condition.


When we came inside, we were both in the mood for some baking!


I mean, look at that thing! All from the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook.


And some cookies for good measure. Brooke fell in love with these and I had no problem handing her a second!



Brooke finished off the day with a bath and I managed to get my yoga on! Okay, 21 minutes of it…progress though!


Today we have a trip to the grocery and Brooke’s “performance” at ski school….and then maybe a bike race. I’ll let you know if it happens πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful day!

2 responses to “Early Morning, Send Coffee.

  1. Rene' Benesh says:

    Cute pictures and the cake looks delicious! I think I’ll try that recipe!

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