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Fitting It All into the Weekend.

on January 29, 2018

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great!!

Missed checking in on Friday. I started to clean the house and then I got a little crazy with cleaning the house! Seven hours later and I was ready to sit down 😉 Or run on the treadmill. Got a bit rebellious and turned my 4 mile run into a 3 mile run. I was tired. Woof.

We were pretty excited when Ken showed up around 4! Always nice when the family is back together. Brooke received a nice surprise in the mail…She loves Moana and has several figurines, but was missing Maui. Of course, my mom found one with him and sent it….she was all about them!


Jasper took my cleaning super seriously.


Brooke also got her special monthly box in the mail from Nene and GrandBob and Errin and Colin! She got to make her own stuffed snake and a special little box with a turtle! Reptiles….the girl loves them!! (I promise to find them and take pictures because they are adorable). She was pretty happy that Dad was home to help her make them, too!

On Saturday, we took our time getting things going in the morning. By that I mean, I waited until it was at least 17 degrees before going out for my run. Made it 7 miles on the snowy/icy roads. Didnt wear my spikes….I love them for shorter runs, but enjoy the freedom on longer runs. Just extra careful! I made sure to dress extra sexy for those 2 cars that passed me. Ha!


Sunday was a whirlwind day! We started out the morning watching the last World Cup Cyclocross race. Followed that up with a trip to Church. Headed straight from Church to town to go skiing!! Brooke was doing really well on the magic carpet, so we made the decision to take her on the chairlift for the first time. The girl crushed it!! So good!



Once we were all starving, we grabbed a pizza and ate in the parking lot! Super classy…but it was 2:00 and we needed food. Next time, I will take food with us…

When we got home, Brooke insisted that she and Ken wash the trucks. The road was muddy (?!?!) and she takes great pride in her clean vehicles. 😉


She lasted a while before making Ken finish on his own…though I am sure he was faster once she came in!

Post-truck wash, Brooke played for a while and Ken and I jumped on the trainers for an hour. Never a dull minute over here!

It was an early bedtime 😉

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great start to your week! February will be here before you know it! Not sure what our big plans are for today….Soft pedal on the trainer, a run and playing on the fat bike?

See you soon!

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