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Back to Blackmere

on January 26, 2018

Howdy! Happy Thursday to you. Tomorrow is Fri-YAY!! Yes!! Any big plans for the weekend on the books? We are *possibly* getting some snow tomorrow which could mean that we have to head in to do some skiing over the weekend. I GUESS I could be talked into that 😉

This morning started around 6:30 when the small child climbed into bed with me. I should have set her *wake up light* clock to a later time 😛 I stayed up too late watching a movie last night….Ken asked what chic flick I would be watching (since we do most of our movie watching together), but I ended up engrossed in the movie “Concussion” with Will Smith. It is all about the concussion issues plaguing the NFL. I thought it was really good (and nerdy…just the way I like it!).

After breakfast, Brooke was working on an art project so I popped down to the basement to spin out my legs for 45 minutes. I started the movie “The Circle” and am excited to finish it up when Brooke goes to bed tonight!

Obligatory crappy trainer pic….


But look at that shorts/socks/shoes combo…all the matchies!!!


Post-spin, we played around the house for a bit before having a quick lunch and heading to town. It was SUPPOSED to be warm today, but when we got to the park, it was still showing 17 degrees in the truck. Luckily, we are always prepared for winter and busted out all the warm snow clothes and everyone was happy!



Once Brooke had enough park time, we headed to the base of Blackmere on Emerald Mountain for some hiking! Jasper was probably the happiest about this, but we had a great time too!! Brooke wanted to go up all the steep climbs and had fun sliding down on her butt!




I call it a mega-win that I got all of us in a picture…and even better that 2/3 of us are looking at the camera! We sure missed Ken though! 😦

After our hike, Brooke and I hit up the pool while Jasper took a nap. Since it was 25 degrees by then, he was plenty warm with his jacket on in the truck. He would MUCH rather wait in the truck than be home alone. We had a great time swimming for about 40 minutes before loading back up and heading home.

The snow is supposed to show up overnight, so I took advantage of the warm weather and moved firewood to the porch. Brooke caught up on a dinosaur show for a bit while finishing up her art project. She needed some down time 😉

Now she is hanging in the bathtub before we figure out what to make for dinner!

Tomorrow is clean the house day…with a side of a 4 mile run fit in somewhere…but it is FRIDAY, so we are excited 🙂

Hope you have a lovely evening!!

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