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Disappearing Act

on January 22, 2018

Hi there! How was your weekend? I kind of disappeared last week…roughest cold ever and so happy to FINALLY feel like I might be able to do an actual workout again!

A couple of highlights from the last few days….

Brooke loves to come down and workout with us! Since I wasn’t running because of a silly cough, I was on the trainer all last week. Not that I am complaining. It was nice to spin the legs (though if I got my heart rate over about 100 bpm, I would start coughing)…lots of easy spinning! She did the gloves and hat on her own 😉


Got this bad boy…Brooke and I made some scones and Superhero muffins this weekend. So healthy and SO delicious!! Already a big fan!


My watch…just calling me out. Fantastic.


On Saturday, Ken went ice fishing and Brooke and I gave the indoor plants some TLC. My aloe was quickly breaching his pot, so he got upgraded 😉


To balance our healthy treats, Brooke insisted on making sugar cookies. Ken didnt complain.


Ken and I got on the trainers for 1.5 hours in the afternoon. Mainly because we were watching The Fate of the Furious and didnt want to stop. I’m sure they will make 47 more of those movies.

Sunday involved Swedish pancakes…


And some snow!


We headed to church before coming home for some lunch and playtime. I went out on my fat bike for 35 minutes, Ken went out for an hour and then we hopped on the trainers for 45 more minutes to finish our movie. Productive fitness weekend!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have read 3 books. Reading is the best! I will share some thoughts on them later this week! They were all awesome.

This morning, Ken and I were up at 5:45 to ride the trainers. I bailed after 45 minutes to make breakfast and am hoping to get in a run this afternoon. Time to start rebuilding the miles after a week off. Thinking that the treadmill may be the best bet for my lungs today!

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