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Please Send Snow

on January 5, 2018

Friday!! Nice to start real life with a short week, am I right?

Any fun plans for the weekend? We have chores on the agenda (mixed in with workouts and fun of course!). It is *supposed to* snow….we sure hope so!

Yesterday was filled with school work, some work-work, cleaning up around the house and a lot of outside play time! The sun was shining and we just had to soak it up. I got in a 5 miles easy run and then Brooke and I hit up the hot tub…so that I could walk today 😉 My goal today is 4 miles of easy running. I am already at 19 miles for the week working on the #4080challenge from lululemon via Strava….but alas, only 13 of them count (no treadmill miles and the challenge started Tuesday so my Monday miles didnt count). Shooting for the 80k, but if not, I will for sure hit the 40k!

How about some random things??

Ken picked up our new prescription sunglasses yesterday! I have not had new ones in 10+ years and I am pretty excited about it!



This is my gorgeous new camera that Ken got me for my birthday. You can tell the pics that I take with it (and not my phone) because they are actually high quality…even if the content is so-so 😉


The cornstarch mix was back yesterday….as was the hour it took to clean it up when she was done. Ha.


Jasper did 3/5 of my miles with me yesterday and then was happy to take a nap….He was ready to rumble when we headed outside to play in the afternoon! I am jealous of his napping.


Got our Stio catalog in the mail. Why does workout/outdoor stuff have to be so cute….so cute!


I seriously need someone to come pick out my outfits for me. Whoever put this together…can you come organize my fashion life??


Afternoon sun and playtime! Spectacular!!


The sunrise this morning wasnt terrible…


Brooke has big playdoh plans this morning while I finish cleaning up that house. Looking forward to playing in the sunshine before the storm rolls in….and running….and stretching…so much stretching.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

One response to “Please Send Snow

  1. Rene' Benesh says:

    Loving the beautiful pictures…and comments, too!

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