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Thursday Ramblings

on January 4, 2018

Howdy! Who else is super excited that it is Thursday already? <Raises both hands>

Yesterday was a little more exciting than we expected when we quickly realized that ski lessons were starting! Around 11, we headed into town to get Brooke ready to hit the slopes!

We need snow sooooo bad.


These two melt my heart. ❤


We were excited to find out that Brooke had several friends in the class!! And we knew 3 of the instructors from different areas of life. There is something amazing about living in a small town. Love it so much!


While Brooke was skiing, I got in a 5 mile run with Jasper. I love taking him running, but he has to stop to pee so much and it really does a number on my pace 😉 I guess the tradeoff is worth it…he thinks so. The path in town was mostly dry, save for a few sections of treacherous ice….managed to keep it upright so I am calling that a huge win!

Post-athletics, Brooke and I headed home.

Upping my running miles means that I am hungry….all the time!!

Like … give me all the foods!!!


All food. Any food. Just typing this makes me want to find a snack. Geesh.

There has also been a fair amount of roller action happening. Yesterday was the first day that I had run on pavement in a LONG time and my shins were not thrilled about that.


Neither were my feet. Ugh.


Got some recovery time while playing dress up. Dont be jealous of my look 😉


The husband ran at work yesterday. He has been jogging for the last two weeks and then he does this….I only hate him a little bit.



Apparently I was successful.


This morning we are doing some school work.


I am aiming to get some miles in when it warms up a bit. The sun is shining, so that ups the motivation to get outside! Lots of chores on our list today….better get after it!

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!!!


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