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Friday and Some Red Toes

Hi there and Happy Friday, Everyone!! Who is doing something exciting this weekend? We will be venturing to the Front Range for the Cyclocross State Championships. Not going to call what I will do racing (it has been a weird season and I have only made it to the start line 3 times). Some years you make it a thing, some years you just enjoy playing at home! I am planning to race (er, ride) in the Single Speed race. I just like to ride my bike 😉 and it is supposed to be in the 60s!! Who can pass that up?!

We have just been playing around the house for the past couple of days, so not too much excitement over here… but here are some things 🙂

Can you possibly get ANY closer to the fire?


Brooke is still obsessed with her dinos….


And making sure they have nice homes 😉


Just taking some toys out to play in the snow! Her eyes are killing me in this pic!


Caught my ride on the trainer…Yep, cold in the basement these days!


Over share and sorry for the polish…but part of life! I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease and while it is a “mild-ish” case, boy is it still painful! Pretty much, if my toes get too cold (ie…taking the wrong boots to cut a Christmas tree), a few days later some of my toes will end up super red and swollen. Fantastic, yeah?! They also itch (because the skin is stretched so tight), but it hurts to scratch them! Vicious cycle. Sure makes putting them in cycling shoes exciting.


Still wintering over here!! Though, the forecast is sunny and warmish…I need snow to SKIIIIII!!!!


Elf continues to pop around the house. I call this one a win!!


Getting ready to leave for the day and pre-heating the house…it is 80 degrees. Makes things a little sweaty!!


Anyone else following the Cali fires. My parents and brother and his family live there (not to mention a ton of friends).  Getting pictures like this has been terrifying!! We dealt with fire and evac scares this summer. About done with fire for the year!


Alright, time to load up the truck and head out! Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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Snow Lovers

Happy Hump day, y’all!!! Time for a bit of a photo dump since I opted to watch a movie last night instead of writing anything. 😉 #worthit.

Monday we FINALLY got a nice taste of winter. Some of us have been waiting more patiently than others. I LOVE the snow…but since I understand that it will be here for months, I was a little more “okay” with it’s late arrival. Brooke and Jasper on the other hand….she proclaimed Monday as the BEST DAY EVER. Remember that in three months, honey.

After riding Monday morning, Ken left for work and I put on the cozy socks. Snow=Cozy clothes. That is a rule, right?


Sure, they totally clashed with my pants, but hey, who cares.

Took some time to whip up some delicious banana bread. Love my little child labor force.


Once it got a bit warmer outside, we headed out to shovel the deck and play in the snow.


Pretty good amount for a short storm.


Brooke chose this hat from Smartwool and then I promptly stole it from her. Sorry, kid. Let’s be honest, she steals most of my stuff….said as I am currently wearing Ken’s pants and shirt. Maybe we both have a problem.


Both of them jumping for joy! Jasper loves it just as much as she does!!


So baller in her new North Face snow outfit.


Finished product!!




Someone takes recovery very seriously!

Tuesday was another trainer morning. Some quality time Ken and I get to spend together in the a.m.! Now, if only it was 2 hours later 😉

This little thing has been all over our house. Not going to lie, I am most often running downstairs to move it when I hear Brooke get up in the morning! The struggle is REAL.


Set off for town and Brooke’s swim lesson. Gorgeous out!!


That blue sky, tho!


B had a blast at swim while I enjoyed a short weight workout. Hit up the grocery and then the pet store to shop for her fur cousin 😉

Home to have lunch, unload groceries and then head back outside! Suns out-we are out!


IMG_4252Nothing like sliding into a big pile of snow!!



Long shadows…at 3:00 :/


And a snow angel for good measure!


Our neighbor brought her Golden Retriever over for some play time while we chatted. And then we all started to freeze and had to come inside!

Last night, Ken worked in the shop until about 12. Ugh! I went out to help at one point, but turns out his fire was more helpful than I was. I watched a girly movie and eventually headed to bed at 11:15. Heard him come in and watch a bit of TV to wind down, but Jasper and I were totally out when he fell into bed at 12:30.

Needless to say, we did not ride the trainers this morning. Slept until almost 7 and began our days with big cups of coffee (and a splash of eggnog 😉 ).

Now on to Wednesday….currently making Borax crystal ornaments while working on laundry, finishing up some grading and cleaning the kitchen. Then, time to hit the trainer for a quick workout. Last week of ‘cross season over here!! I look forward to sleeping in next week!

Have a wonderful day!!

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Road Riding in December??

Hey there, Monday friends! How as your weekend?? Do anything fun? Anyone else get their Christmas tree set up this weekend? We are a little obsessed with ours.

But….let’s rewind for a just a sec!

Friday night Ken brought home Chinese Take Out (first time since we moved here!). It was everything.

Brooke headed for bed and we headed for the couch to partake in this baby….


Ken and I were both avid watchers of Baywatch when it was on and this did not disappoint. Yes, there was a large amount of dumb humor, but we both really enjoyed it. It is nice to have a mental break sometimes. Am I right??

On Saturday, Ken spent some time working in the shop and then headed out for a 2 hour ride! The weather was incredible!

I found this turkey sitting on her windowsill! Oh, child.


When Ken got home, I set out for my ride. It was fantastic!


December 2 and riding on pavement?! What?!


Yes, I was happy about it 😉


I got in about 1.5 hours before meeting up with the fam to find a Christmas tree!





Brooke got in on the action!



Did some forest exploring afterwards!




It looked small in the FOREST!




Perfectly normal combo, yes?



My heart was a puddle.


It was a bit taller than we thought…but nice and skinny and fit right in to it’s spot!

Sunday was spent finishing up the tree decor and fully preparing the yard/shop for a blast of snow! We are really excited for winter to actually show up!


We took the day as a rest day and spent it working around the house. The weather was really nice during the morning and then got SUPER windy in the afternoon. Storm came rolling in!


Again, my heart!


J-dawg caught up on some movies.


And Ken and I binged on 3 episodes of SUITS. Such a good show!

Ken and I were up early this morning to hit up the trainers. One hour done before the sun came up! It was a little cold to start…you are welcome for the super attractive no-make up pictures. Yikes.


Once we got upstairs and the sky started to lighten…we realized that winter had in fact showed up!! Hello, snow!!!


Brooke and I are doing the usual Monday things (school work, work catch up, cleaning up…) but are hoping to pop out into the snow this afternoon. 25 degrees may take some getting used to though 😉

Hope you have a great start to your week!!