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Road Riding in December??

on December 4, 2017

Hey there, Monday friends! How as your weekend?? Do anything fun? Anyone else get their Christmas tree set up this weekend? We are a little obsessed with ours.

But….let’s rewind for a just a sec!

Friday night Ken brought home Chinese Take Out (first time since we moved here!). It was everything.

Brooke headed for bed and we headed for the couch to partake in this baby….


Ken and I were both avid watchers of Baywatch when it was on and this did not disappoint. Yes, there was a large amount of dumb humor, but we both really enjoyed it. It is nice to have a mental break sometimes. Am I right??

On Saturday, Ken spent some time working in the shop and then headed out for a 2 hour ride! The weather was incredible!

I found this turkey sitting on her windowsill! Oh, child.


When Ken got home, I set out for my ride. It was fantastic!


December 2 and riding on pavement?! What?!


Yes, I was happy about it 😉


I got in about 1.5 hours before meeting up with the fam to find a Christmas tree!





Brooke got in on the action!



Did some forest exploring afterwards!




It looked small in the FOREST!




Perfectly normal combo, yes?



My heart was a puddle.


It was a bit taller than we thought…but nice and skinny and fit right in to it’s spot!

Sunday was spent finishing up the tree decor and fully preparing the yard/shop for a blast of snow! We are really excited for winter to actually show up!


We took the day as a rest day and spent it working around the house. The weather was really nice during the morning and then got SUPER windy in the afternoon. Storm came rolling in!


Again, my heart!


J-dawg caught up on some movies.


And Ken and I binged on 3 episodes of SUITS. Such a good show!

Ken and I were up early this morning to hit up the trainers. One hour done before the sun came up! It was a little cold to start…you are welcome for the super attractive no-make up pictures. Yikes.


Once we got upstairs and the sky started to lighten…we realized that winter had in fact showed up!! Hello, snow!!!


Brooke and I are doing the usual Monday things (school work, work catch up, cleaning up…) but are hoping to pop out into the snow this afternoon. 25 degrees may take some getting used to though 😉

Hope you have a great start to your week!!

2 responses to “Road Riding in December??

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yay for SNOW!

    I’m in the Cotswolds of England right now. We have gone on daily walks in the country and it is just fabulous. It gets a little chilly but if you have a pair of Wellington’s on your feet and the proper jacket it’s brilliant.

    Heading back to the US on Friday and I’m praying for snow where we live when I get back.

    Can’t wait to see more snow pics!!

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