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Christmas time catch up

Oh, hey there! How’s it going? How was your Christmas?? I went off the radar for a bit and simply enjoyed being in the moment. It was pretty great 😉 But, I’m back! And I thought I would just share some highlights with you….

My parents made the decision to make a quick trip to visit for the few days before Christmas. They lucked out in the fact that we got a little snow….and by little, I mean little. Someone, please send snow!!

Brooke wasn’t mad about it…


Jasper was concerned that Brooke was stuck in a hole, so he tried to dig her out. The sweetest.


The parents left on Christmas eve after a few days of play. I think they will be back 😉

Christmas morning started bright and early as Brooke showed up in our room just after 5. Thanks, B.

Please note that it is pitch black outside!


My sister sent Jasper the coolest jacket ever! He was waiting for the snow blower to come out 😉


Not sure about the face, but this girl loved every moment of opening her gifts.



When the sun came up (kinda?) we saw some glorious snow outside (over a foot!!).


Had to dive into all the toys.


Just searching for dino bones.


We spent most of the day playing outside in the fresh powder…Brooke skied in the yard and there were plenty of snow angels made.

The next day was my birthday. Thirty-five…how did that happen?


I ran 3.5 miles to celebrate.


Brooke pretended that she was a teenager and hid from me.


We ventured into town to wander around for a bit and grab some dinner. It was delicious!!


Picked up a new book. Amy is super sweet and I am loving her book.


The following day, we headed in to visit the Optometrist before the end of the year….new sunglasses coming our way!


My lovely husband got me a new camera for my birthday…something about my grainy blog pics…I’m figuring out how to use it 😉



Friday saw 2 miles of easy treadmill running before we headed into town for an errand, a hike, a trip to the pool and dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant.


My new sunglasses (courtesy of my sister over at Projects and Puns). They make me feel cooler than I actually am!


Always wants to be the leader.




Fish Creek Falls was amazing…though it could use a bit more snow 😉 Brooke hiked most of a 3 mile hike and did better than I did on the packed snow trail!




Snowball fight!





The dog was sure he won the day.


Today included lots of chores, a 5 mile run and a 5 mile cross country ski with Ken!! (Thanks to our neighbors for hanging out with Brooke!)

Ken went out with some buddies tonight so Brooke and I hung out.

17,000 steps…perfectly normal!


Playing unicorns…also perfectly normal!


And those are the highlights!! Hope you have had an incredible holiday season. I am in denial that real life begins again on Tuesday…hanging on to the last 2 days!!


Hello crazy time of the year! Wowza. It has been pretty busy over here, but I just wanted to pop in with a few pics from the last week….

We have had some gorgeous days…but are hoping for some snow soon!


Got in a few days of super short runs last week. Slowly building.


Brooke currently feels the need to wrap EVERYTHING. At least she gets to work on her letters!


Just the usual play landscape.


Outside play! Because it has been warm…not for long!




Friday was Ken’s work party. I even put on make up.


From the height of a 4 year old. Super flattering 😉


Comfort food the next morning 😉


Just a baby hangover 😉 Seriously, two glasses of Prosecco…I’m a wuss.


Brooke caged her animals…


Cleaned out the basement and found this high school gem.


And this one of baby Jasper!!


Our sweet neighbor invited Brooke over to build a Gingerbread house!



And there is all the excitement!

Last week of classes=crazy grading over here. Back at it!!

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States and all the Errands!!

Hi All! How is it going?? Sorry, just popping in after our weekend and a couple of busy days in town! I had all intentions of writing last night, but the husband convinced me to go in the hot tub instead. Tough choices (it was clear and super dark and the stars were insane! We saw a good 25+shooting stars…it was amazing!).

How about a quick recap of the weekend??

On Friday, we headed to Denver to get some errands done since we were going to be down there. Stopped at Costco and then made our way over to have a window on our truck topper changed (it had come with the wrong one and they just had to swap it).

Luckily, Brooke, Jasper and I got to hang out while they did it….and watch a movie.


The traffic was kind of crazy and made for a long day!


Once done with the topper, we picked up some winter tires before heading North to Fort Collins. TRRRAAFFFFFFFFFIIIIICCCCCC. We are not used to traffic. Not sure if that made it better or worse.

Errin had a delicious Shepard’s pie ready when we got there, so we all ate and then hit the hay!

Colin and Errin had to say goodbye to their sweet kitty a little bit ago and had this cutie for Brooke to snuggle with. She will not let it out of her sight.


The rest of Saturday was race filled! Colin and Errin headed down to the races early for Colin’s race. Ken had to switch our bikes to single speed (he was planning to race Sunday, but there was a huge draw to racing Saturday and having a relaxed Sunday!!). Once he was done, we loaded up and headed to States!

Since Ken, Errin and I all raced at the same time (?!?!!) Colin was kind enough to keep an eye on Brooke. I LOVED the course. It was super hard, but at the same time not very technical. My love language!! Lots of grass and lots of power and only 1 gear. Perfect.

I had a bit of a slow start, but was able to pass several girls pretty early on and then stayed solidly in 4th for the rest of the race. Errin took 3rd (it was an open field and the 3 ladies in front of me (her included!) were elite level racers!! I was pretty happy with my finish, but even happier that I had a blast!! Ken lapped me during the race and it was pretty fun to see him out there. Ken ended up winning his race 😉



Errin in 3rd!


Ken in first!!


After the race, we said a quick goodbye to Ken. He was heading to a friend’s going away party while we headed back North. Errin and Colin quickly changed into black-tie appropriate clothing to head to Colin’s work Christmas party (quite the change from spandex 😉 ).

Brooke was exhausted and went to bed…meanwhile, I changed into pajamas and went to town on dessert and cheesy Christmas movies!


Everyone was home by 11 and we all crashed into bed!

A leisurely morning was pretty much perfect as we watched the Euros race some cross before heading to Vern’s for breakfast. The biscuits and gravy were everything I could have hoped for! We said our goodbyes to E and C and headed homeward!!

There is just something about popping over Rabbit Ears Pass into the Valley. Absolutely feels like home!


Enjoyed an afternoon at home before busting this guy open!


When Monday morning rolled around, we were all on the go. Brooke and I headed into town and ran some errands before heading to Stagecoach. We got connected with the local home school group and they had an activity for the day! They were supposed to do snow forts (but there was not enough snow!) and fire. At least the fire part went well! And then they spent an hour playing in what snow was available! Brooke loved it!




Spent the rest of the day running errands and we were both exhausted when we got home after 3.

Jasper spent the evening like this…so rough. While I worked on Ken’s legs.


Yesterday, we headed back into town for Brooke’s last swim lesson!

We sooooo need snow!!


Her sweet swim buddy had a Christmas present for her. Cutest jammies ever!


Did a few more errands before heading home for lunch!

Since it was my last time in the gym for a bit, I went to TOWN on the weights. My legs were jello when we left….but Jasper DESPERATELY needed to go for a run, so I laced up my shoes and we did 3 miles.

I started with a jacket, but quickly pulled it and was in tights, a tank top and these gloves.


The rest of the day was super exciting with lots of cleaning. Ugh.

This morning is chilly and cloudy. Perfect day to get things done and catch up around the house. Hoping to get a 2 mile jog in later and some STRETCHING.


Hope you are having a good week. Can’t believe how close we are getting to Christmas…better get on those cards!