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Where’s the Snow?

on November 30, 2017

Hey there Party people! Can you believe that tomorrow is *gasp* December?? I honestly cannot believe it. It feels like it was just August. Where has time gone??

Playing a little catch up…

Tuesday was fun-filled with a trip to the pool for swim lessons (and weights for me). I jumped into the pool with Brooke to play for a while when her lesson was over. She is quite the little fish. Hit up the Forest Service Office for a Christmas tree permit. Hoping to make it out before snow starts to accumulate! Grocery shopping and home!

This one wonders why we leave him…he would rather sit in the car than stay home alone. I would rather stay home 😉


Got batteries for the train set and Brooke went to town! Normally, you need a train within a train, right?


Low key evening (Ride in the morning + weights = tired).

Yesterday (Wednesday), Brooke woke up feeling pretty crummy so we just laid low playing at home and doing some hardcore cuddling on the couch.

Jasper was not thrilled with the lack of activity. He disappeared at one point during the day and reappeared with a toy. Guessing that came from a Christmas gift bag that was left here 😉 Sorry, Nene!!


Once Brooke went to bed for the night (at 6:30 ?! and we didnt hear from her again until 6:30 this morning! Maybe she needed some sleep! ha!), Ken went to work in the shop while I rode the trainer for an hour in the basement. Around 8 we opted to relax for a bit in the hot tub before calling it an early night ourselves!

This morning saw us blowing off riding the trainers (sometimes sleeping is just more important!). Brooke woke up feeling MUCH better and begging to do the volcano experiment.


She was back to her usual self and happy to play with her toys (and practice writing her F, G and Hs 😉 ). I took advantage of her feeling better by riding the trainer for 52 minutes (while finishing the movie Mother’s Day that I had started the night before) and then Brooke came down begging to “run on the treadmill”. It is pretty much the funniest thing to watch!

Jasper was begging to get out so we hit up the sunshine and dirt for 2 easy miles-well he probably did more like 4 with all the zooming around! How am I wearing a running skirt on the last day of November….bring on the snow!! Please excuse the leg hair, I was under the impression that it was Winter and no one would be seeing them for a while!


Yes, the socks and shoes clash. That’s what happens when you go from the bike to running and dont want to go upstairs for new socks….also, more laundry. 😛


Side of bubble blowing! SUNSHINE.


Currently my sister is researching potential Half Marathons in Oregon in the Spring so I can turn a girls weekend into an attempt at HM PR. Thank goodness for athletes in the family that totally understand the craze!!

Time to clean up the house and maybe make some banana bread!!

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