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One Day I’ll Sleep Again

on November 17, 2017

Dear Friday, You are the best. xoxo, LeeAnn

Most weeks I am excited to see Friday, but even more this week. After that weird stomach thing took us out Wednesday/Thursday and today’s weather caused a cancellation of the hike we had planned to go on, I am pretty ready to have my grown up partner home for a couple of days!

As an appropriate ending to the week, Brooke thought that it would be fun to hang out at 2:10 this morning. I am pretty sure that the wind woke her up (I was up already). Luckily, after a few snuggles, she went right back to sleep. Me on the other hand…I suck at sleeping. So around 3, I was back to sleep….just in time for her to wake up at 5 because she was hungry. Guess that is a good thing….banana to the rescue. I managed to keep her quiet in the guest room so Ken could get some extra sleep (He didnt get home until after 10 from his class the night before). Some night I will sleep all the way through….I hope.

Luckily, my thoughtful husband delivered the life juice to the guest room when he came downstairs. Amen to having the coffee pot set to go off on it’s own in the morning.


The morning was super gloomy, so after some practice letter writing, Brooke jumped right in to dino land. (She currently has ALL of them in her bathtub. I dont know how she fits).


Blanket fort, anyone?!


This guy. Roughest life.


Since the weather was gross (RAIN?!), I decided to enter into the craziness…


Happy to say that everything is in it’s rightful place and my anxiety can drop a notch.


Clearly she took cleaning very serious.


The view out of her room really stinks.




I am starting to believe that I live in Jurassic Park.


We have spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house for the weekend. Hoping (SO HARD) to sleep tonight!! Feeling human again would be super!

Any fun plans this weekend?? We are home this weekend and hoping to get the outside 100% prepped for snow on the ground until Spring! Winter is HERE.

Took yesterday as a rest day, so planning to hop on the trainer with the husband for date night tonight. We will see what the weekend weather allows us to do šŸ™‚ I would REALLY love to run or ride outside!!

Have a great weekend!!

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