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Black Eyes and My Dog Wears My Clothes

on November 13, 2017

Happiest of Mondays to you. Did you have a nice weekend? Do anything fun? Spend time relaxing?

We were on the go for most of the weekend and are currently in recovery mode over here.

On Friday, Ken and I were up early again to ride for an hour in the basement. It was an hour of base riding for me.

Came upstairs and the only convenient pants to throw on were Ken’s shorts. Keeping it classy πŸ˜‰


A little later in the morning, I looked out the window to see that our neighbor’s llamas had escaped. Ken contacted him and he wasnt concerned. A few hours later, they went right home!

FullSizeRender (45)

Brooke got to work decorating Jasper. Seriously, the dog’s patience exceeds my own.


Then she decorated herself. I’ve got nothing.


Spent the afternoon cleaning up the house. Riveting Friday over here!

On Saturday, we were all up pretty early. I headed out for an hour ride (in 23 degrees). I wore all.the.clothes. Everything was warm except my toes!

Got home and took a quick shower before loading up the truck to head to Fort Collins. Brooke made sure to pack her movies πŸ˜‰ That dog! Sweetest.


This is my “I just rode for an hour in the freezing cold and am finally warming up” face. Complete with forehead wrinkles πŸ˜‰


It was a gorgeous and uneventful drive. Part of the drive involved some snow over the pass.


Made it to the venue with plenty of time for Ken to pre-ride and warm up before his race. Cross of the North is one of the most popular race weekends in Colorado and the venue didn’t disappoint.

The wind kicked up during Ken’s race and Jasper got a bit cold. He went ahead and wore my vest. Dont worry, he made sure to pee on it later πŸ˜‰


The competition was stiff in the Open race, but this guy did a great job chasing around the course.




Post-race, we warmed up in the truck on the way to Errin and Colin’s house. Errin had a magical enchilada dinner for us. Seriously, delicious.

Per usual, I struggled to sleep somewhere other than my bed. I left Ken’s snoring around midnight and climbed into bed with Brooke.Β  (He doesn’t snore at home?!?!) I still could not fall asleep and I remember looking at my phone for the last time at 3:30 am. Perfect.

Brooke was up at 5:10. Nothing like 1.5 hours of sleep to start the day. So thankful for the lifeline latte Colin whipped up and the delicious breakfast Errin made. Functioning was NOT on my list of things to do for the morning.

Because I was pre-registered for the race that day, it was time to get dressed and head to the venue. It was HARD to get on the bike. I just wanted to nap!

Had a bit of a rough warm up with some unnecessary heckling through a section of the course that I was struggling to figure out. Always a great way to go into a race.

The race itself was NOT pretty. While I thought the course was a TON of fun and I felt that I improved with each lap, I just didnt have it. At least it was a good time on a bike and gorgeous out!

Colin had a good showing in his race and Errin joined me in the “rough day” category. It happens to everyone, right?!

Brooke maybe won the weekend spending both days playing with friends in the sand.


Ken was having a great start to his race until a mechanical set him back a bit and then a last lap crash threw the end of the race into a bit of physical chaos. In a fast corner, he tagged a stake with his hand and it literally threw him face (and shoulder) first into the super hard dirt. Ugh! It is always good to hear “your husband is bleeding from his mouth” at the end of the race, yeah?

Once we found him (made sure he had all his teeth) and got him checked out with the EMTs on scene, we loaded up the truck and began our trek home. I drove the first little bit of the trip while Ken iced every part of his body (and I became more confident that he did not have a concussion). We switched off driving and though I was exhausted, I felt that his head first into the ground move warranted me staying awake.

He had a lovely fat lip and a golf ball growing on his cheek. Ouch!!

We made it home (Brooke had fallen asleep at 5:30 because it was dark…almost with a chocolate shake in her hand!). Luckily, when we got home she was happy to hop in the shower with me before crawling into bed and going back to sleep! We lucked out there!

Ken was looking a bit rough this morning. He said that he needed to shave, but I told him that that he could take the day off….that would hurt! Hello, black eye!


There has been a lot of this today…


and some of this….


And then some outdoor play and chores. I was going to go for an easy jog, but I decided that moving 8 carts of dirt to the side of the shop was plenty for me.

Looking forward to some dinner and a dip in the hot tub tonight. Some tight muscles over here!!

Hope you have a great night!

4 responses to “Black Eyes and My Dog Wears My Clothes

  1. How often would you say you use your hot tub? We recently bought a new house and are brainstorming backyard plans — we do like the sound of owning one. πŸ˜€

    • LeeAnn says:

      Hi! We LOVE our hot tub!! I would say that we use ours at least 3-4 times a week. We actually tend to use it more in the winter (so nice after a cold workout). The maintenance is pretty low key too. We got ours via Costco and it was a great deal. I dont think we could live without it πŸ˜‰

      • Ooh you’re giving me some great ideas… we live in AZ so it also doubles as a sauna in the summer, right? Weight loss, right? 😝

      • LeeAnn says:

        Oh wow, that sounds like it could get warm! My parents live in SoCal and use theirs quite a bit as well. They just keep the temp a bit lower in the summer πŸ˜‰ That does sound like an exciting weight loss strategy. hahaha.

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