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Library, Pool, Park…bedtime??

on November 10, 2017

Tomorrow is Friday. Always a good sign 😉

A few randoms for today!

Brooke’s dinosaur obsession runs deep.


This totally made me laugh!


Brooke and I had a busy day today!

It started out with some cuddling. My heart. Swoon.


After some morning chores, we got dressed and headed to the library for yoga story time. Good job with the savasana, Brooke! Two of our good friends happened to be there, so it was extra fun today!


Spent some time reading (about dinosaurs) before heading outside to check out the ducks.


She loves this…


Grabbed a sandwich to split before heading into the pool. Straight for the tomato!


After about an hour in the pool, we got dressed and stopped by the park really quick.


Another park with a terrible view.



IMG_3922Headed home to relax a bit before putting clean sheets on the bed and making dinner. It was a super fun (and exhausting day). Somehow, I was far more tired than she was. Maybe it was that 5:15 alarm and ride this morning?? Pretty much forgot that Ken and I rode today. Forty-five minute easy spin…for the win!

And now to finish grading before I pass out on the couch 😉

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