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Morning Workouts and a Chillaxed Day

on November 8, 2017

Howdy, Tuesday friends! How was your day? Pretty quiet over here after our day in town yesterday.

Ken and I were up at 5:15 to ride the trainers this morning. It was nice and dark to start the day, but we made it through. We did an hour and I did 6 x 30 seconds of decently hard effort (as hard as I could do at 5am!!). We watched the movie Burnt and thought that it was really good! Followed it up with about 20 minutes of yoga because that was literally all the stretch my body could handle.

We got a little bit of snow overnight.


Got into chores mode and put away some laundry. Brooke did her best to slow progress. Yes, that is my shirt and those are my socks with her tutu. Fit perfectly, huh?


We played outside for quite a while this morning (it was pretty warm in the sun!). Brooke enjoyed some snow time while I moved fire wood over for the rest of the week. I also moved a planter off the porch to make snow removal easier this year 😉 Lessons that you learn. Ken had mentioned moving it (it is pretty large and heavy). We will see when he notices that it is already done!

Later in the day, we played “the fishing game” but had to use dinosaurs to catch them. A bit harder than usual!


Just a little tea time to go with our play time. Dreaming of Hawaii much?


Brooke practiced some letter writing while I tried to put together a workout plan for the next couple of weeks.


Just enjoying our views.



I love that her version of a perfect snack includes peppers and a tiny pear!


Since it is dark at 2:30 (slight exaggeration), it is really nice to have these beautiful lights in my kitchen to keep me awake!


Working on some grading tonight. The joys of online teaching….just when you want to go to bed, it is time to work 😉

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