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Can You Work Out as Hard in the Morning??

on November 8, 2017

Hump Day!! Down the slope to the weekend now!

This morning started out in the dark. Being so far North, we get some pretty short days in the Winter. Ken was up and on his bike for his workout around 5:45. I opted to do mine later in the day because I have a hard time putting out any real power in the morning. Not that I put out a whole lot of power anyway, but I get about 40-50 more watts on average a little later in the day 😉

I rolled out of bed around 6 (cheater) and enjoyed the soft light of the rising sun and my salt lamp as I rolled through a few yoga flows before jumping into finishing up some grading. Still productive before the kiddo got up…calling that a win!


Jasper was a big fan of me staying upstairs to cuddle him.


Got to work on some fluffy oven pancakes for breakfast. Crowd favorite over here!


Brooke got up around 6:45 and took some time to wake up in front of the fire. It is a rough life.


After breakfast, Ken headed off to work and I finished up my last lab to grade while Brooke played in her tent. This guy, such a snuggle bug.


We did our thing for a bit in the morning. Managed to sneak in some outside chores in the sunshine and around 9:45, I changed into my super attractive basement attire and headed downstairs.


I did just over an hour with 4 x 5 minute efforts (at or above threshold). I think I averaged about 204 watts for the 4 efforts and my threshold is probably right about 200 watts right now. Pretty happy with that considering my current lack of motivation. (Strangely, I have not run much in the last week and a half and I am missing it like crazy. After the race on Sunday, I plan to start getting those miles back in my life!!).

Threw in some weights and core when I was done. Think I need to get some new (heavier) dumbells.


After a quick lunch and shower (intervals make me a sweaty mess), we decided to venture out for a walk to the mailbox. It is gorgeous today (albeit brisk!). It is around 40 degrees and we had a balmy 12 degrees overnight. Brrrrrr.


Someday I will figure out how to not look awkward taking a solo selfie. Today was not that day.


Beaver, you home?


That one truck we saw was a lot of traffic 😉 Love our open roads!


I dressed super attractively for the outing. Target pants from like 3 years ago. Pretty sure I cannot pull off this look. Or maybe it is the trail runners.



Brooke decided to take a spin around the shop and yard when we got home. Kid energy for the win!


And now she is enjoying some bath/playtime while I type away (triathlon for her?!).

Random Thoughts…

*Has anyone seen the movie Abandon? It is staring Katie Holmes and I happened to turn it on while I was on the trainer. I literally just looked it up and it is from 2002?!? No wonder she seemed so young! I left off part way through and hope to finish it while riding tomorrow or Friday. The hardest part of watching movies while working out.

*Brooke wants to make a pumpkin pie. Must convince her to make pumpkin bars instead. Fall=pumpkin everything. That is just the rule.

*I could use a nap. There, I said it. Now, if only I could sleep during the day.

*Now I am just procrastinating. Time to prep dinner and clean up the house. Sigh.

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