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Appointments, Lasers and Snow

on November 7, 2017

Hey hey! Back in action over here! It has been a weird kind of week but things are calming down a bit.

Let’s try to highlight this….

On Halloween, Brooke started to do this weird thing were she would take a deeper than normal breath every 40 seconds or so through out the day. She kept doing it the next day, but when I checked on her while she was sleeping it was not happening. Totally weird!! But it was back the next day…even while she was distracted.

Since we were going to be down on the Front Range on Thursday, I went ahead and called her pediatrician and made an appointment.

Just your random animal fort that was taken over by the dog.


Thursday morning we were up early to head to Boulder. Hit up some shops and parks and all that jazz before heading to Brooke’s appt. Everything looked awesome, but her MD suggested a chest X-ray just to be sure. Try taking a 4 year old for an X-ray! She did amazing and it was clean!!


Hoping it is just some weird kid/phase thing. It was WAY less today, so I am going to say that we are headed in the right direction.

On Friday, Ken went into work while we played with Errin. Brooke “experimented” all morning. Thanks for letting her go nuts in your kitchen, Errin!!


Mid-morning, we had to take Jasper in to have a mole on his eyelid removed. While he didnt love it, he did amazing and was such a good boy!!

Spent the rest of the day hanging out and getting in an awesome solo ride!

On Saturday, I was planning to ride in the morning and then Ken and E and C were going to race in the afternoon. Because the race was almost 2 hours away, they opted out and I got to ride with Errin! We did an almost 3 hour ride (I have NOT ridden that long in a long time and hello strugglefest!). I was pretty much toast afterwards 😉

We headed home after the ride because we heard that weather was rolling in. Luckily, we only hit a little snow on the way home but we were glad we were not going through it in the dark.

Once home, Ken popped over to the neighbor’s to see if he needed help with a project and he came home with some eggs! Love that!


Sunday morning, we woke up to a decent amount of snow. Someone was excited about it!


Dinosaurs had to get out for some playtime.



We spent the rest of the day working around the house and hanging out.

This morning, we woke up to some thick fog and snow. Ken and I ventured to the basement for a ride workout. I got in about 45 minutes of spinning before heading up to make some pancakes. I went back down a bit later for 15 minutes of easy jogging on the dreadmill.

A bit later, Brooke and I headed into town to go to the pool and grocery.



Came home to find these sweet boots waiting for me! Lucky girl!


Had a bit of a needy dog when we got home!



Fed the neighbor’s horses, cleaned up the house…tried to decipher Brooke’s card 😉


Now it is time to get my grading on! Though I would rather be going to bed! Silly Daylight Savings Business.

And that’s where we are at!!

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