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Where’s the Snow?

Hey there Party people! Can you believe that tomorrow is *gasp* December?? I honestly cannot believe it. It feels like it was just August. Where has time gone??

Playing a little catch up…

Tuesday was fun-filled with a trip to the pool for swim lessons (and weights for me). I jumped into the pool with Brooke to play for a while when her lesson was over. She is quite the little fish. Hit up the Forest Service Office for a Christmas tree permit. Hoping to make it out before snow starts to accumulate! Grocery shopping and home!

This one wonders why we leave him…he would rather sit in the car than stay home alone. I would rather stay home 😉


Got batteries for the train set and Brooke went to town! Normally, you need a train within a train, right?


Low key evening (Ride in the morning + weights = tired).

Yesterday (Wednesday), Brooke woke up feeling pretty crummy so we just laid low playing at home and doing some hardcore cuddling on the couch.

Jasper was not thrilled with the lack of activity. He disappeared at one point during the day and reappeared with a toy. Guessing that came from a Christmas gift bag that was left here 😉 Sorry, Nene!!


Once Brooke went to bed for the night (at 6:30 ?! and we didnt hear from her again until 6:30 this morning! Maybe she needed some sleep! ha!), Ken went to work in the shop while I rode the trainer for an hour in the basement. Around 8 we opted to relax for a bit in the hot tub before calling it an early night ourselves!

This morning saw us blowing off riding the trainers (sometimes sleeping is just more important!). Brooke woke up feeling MUCH better and begging to do the volcano experiment.


She was back to her usual self and happy to play with her toys (and practice writing her F, G and Hs 😉 ). I took advantage of her feeling better by riding the trainer for 52 minutes (while finishing the movie Mother’s Day that I had started the night before) and then Brooke came down begging to “run on the treadmill”. It is pretty much the funniest thing to watch!

Jasper was begging to get out so we hit up the sunshine and dirt for 2 easy miles-well he probably did more like 4 with all the zooming around! How am I wearing a running skirt on the last day of November….bring on the snow!! Please excuse the leg hair, I was under the impression that it was Winter and no one would be seeing them for a while!


Yes, the socks and shoes clash. That’s what happens when you go from the bike to running and dont want to go upstairs for new socks….also, more laundry. 😛


Side of bubble blowing! SUNSHINE.


Currently my sister is researching potential Half Marathons in Oregon in the Spring so I can turn a girls weekend into an attempt at HM PR. Thank goodness for athletes in the family that totally understand the craze!!

Time to clean up the house and maybe make some banana bread!!

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Thanksgiving and then some.

Hey Friends!! How was your Thanksgiving week? Get in some good relaxing? Or awesome workouts? Or so much food that you could still pop??

It has been a bit since I checked in (I kind of just went full blown MIA for Thanksgiving-I took no pictures and just enjoyed being in the moment), so I thought I would just give some highlights.

Flashback to last Monday’s ride and the fact that it was freezing in the basement. Getting to be that time of the year!IMG_4057

On Tuesday, we had swim lessons/gym workout (Ken and I had ridden at 5:45 am). Did some grocery shopping before coming home to clean the hot tub. It needed it!! No biggie that it started to rain on me and I froze. Brooke snapped this pic of a rainbow that showed up….Yes, that is me on the right in sweats in the hot tub. Perfectly normal.


Brooke did some work while I was outside in the elements. Interesting set up there, kid.


On Wednesday, we began our trip down to Fort Collins. Brooke and I packed up while Ken started the trip by bike! He got in 3 hours and 55 miles of wet and cold roads, but was pretty excited for the ride. We picked him up and he changed clothes before hopping in the truck for the duration of the drive.

A couple of hours later, we were at E and C’s house! While I really didnt want to go workout, I decided to throw on my running shoes and take Jasper to the local trail (0.4 miles from the house!).

We jumped on the dirt and had an incredible 5 mile trail run. It was one of those runs where you dont want to stop! The weather was amazing and the sunset was out of this world. Hadn’t run in a while, so those 1200 feet of climbing were not easy, but that technical single track descent was


Post dinner chilling….Jasper was tired from our run too 😉


Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning started with a super yummy cinnamon bread french toast breakfast! After hanging out for a bit, the 4 of us headed out for a mountain bike ride. Errin was sweet enough to wait for me throughout the ride while I struggled to wrap my head around the whole mountain bike thing again. Two hours of gorgeous weather and trails was a pretty neat way to start the day!


Once home, we hung out and worked on food prep for the rest of the afternoon. Followed this up with an evening of eating! As always, dinner was fantastic. I only had 1 plate of food and a little bit of dessert. Most of the time, I over-indulge, but I reigned it in this year and was happy not to have a food coma….the sangria on the other hand…..cant stop, wont stop 😉

Black Friday included popping around to some stores. I headed out with Ken, Colin, GrandBob and Brooke. We hit up Jax, Lowes and Costco (The guys also braved Harbor Freight…I have to draw the line somewhere 😉 ).

The rest of the day was filled playing with Brooke while the guys projected in the basement and then we had a second Thanksgiving dinner. Yay for leftovers!!

On Saturday, Ken and I were able to ride Rist Canyon on the way out of town. GrandBob was coming home with us and allowed us to ride while he drove Brooke and Jasper and met us over the hill! Thank you again!!!

I took almost 3 minutes off of the last time I did the climb (only my second go at it!)….and my crazy husband rode it in some ridiculous time of about 43 mintues. Right. I totally feel like a sloth 😉


Got my dream ride as I got picked up at the top of the climb and didnt have to descend down!!

Backseat crew!!!


Views aren’t too bad on the drive 😉


Home in time to unload, have dinner and hit the hot tub (post-B bedtime) and collapse into bed!

Sunday saw Ken and GrandBob out in the shop for most of the day installing a wood stove. We lucked out with some killer warm weather and tried to spend most of the day outside (with a side of some Christmas decorating for me and B).


Nene showed up in the late afternoon and we enjoyed a nice dinner and some relaxing before making it to bed for the night.

Today we said goodbye to the fam, Ken headed to work and Brooke and I messed around the house….laundry, cleaning up, etc…Squeezed in an hour easy on the trainer. And then spent some time “camping” in the house with Brooke. A child’s imagination is endless!

Now it is time to jump back into grading and the real world! Hope you had a great one!

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Prepping for Winter


Howdy and happy short week!! Who is looking forward to some relaxing and overeating?? **Raises both hands** Okay, excited for some riding outside, too 😉 #balance

This weekend was on the low key side. Most of it was spent “winterproofing” our yard/shop/etc.

We picked up miscellaneous materials from around the yard, organized and covered our fire wood piles, put stakes around so as to not hit things with the snowblower….you know, the normal stuff! hahaha.

On Saturday, I worked around the inside of the house while it warmed up. Ken and I jumped on the trainers but he ended up having to bail early to help a neighbor, so I finished up the hour alone. Found this gem on RunEatRepeats Insta-story. I think ALL races (bikes and running) need this! Yes, I will go ahead and feel endless pride! Perfect.


Super fancy lunch of champions.


Then it was time to head outside. It wasnt quite 30 degrees, so the sexy clothes came out.


I should be sponsored by Carhartt, BOGS and Smartwool=>my life.


I mentioned to Ken that I was thinking about a triathlon (gasp) next summer. He informed me that there is a local DUATHLON. Running and biking and NO getting wet. SOLD!


After working, we all headed into the hot tub to warm up!

On Sunday, it was more of the same. Ken managed to get out on his bike, but from the looks of it when he got home, I opted for the trainer later. MUDDY.

Just another day of looking extra hot. Yikes.


It continued to the trainer as well. Maybe later this week I will brush my hair and/or put on make up. That could be a fun change!


More working outside and then dinner and falling asleep on the couch (or at least Ken did!).

This morning, the sunrise didnt disappoint.



Cant complain about this forecast either!!


I am taking some time to grade, do the laundry and work around the house. Naturally, Brooke chooses one room to destroy. Guess I will be cleaning that up later, too. Ugh.


We did some Thanksgiving crafts this morning and made dino fossils. The things the kid is thankful for….mostly dogs 😉



This guy has a weekend hangover.


About to hit up the trainer for a bit and then continue the normal Monday chores!

Hope you had a great weekend and have super fun plans this week!

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