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We Left the House.

You guys. We left the house today. It was literally 1 week since the last time that we had left the driveway (except for 2 bike rides?) so that we didnt share our cold.  It was fun to drive again, especially since we had Ken’s truck 😉

Brooke received a special gift yesterday. My Mom had sweetly given her Angel (an alien that looks like a bunny) for Easter and Brooke has been hoping for his sidekick, Stitch. Well, thanks Mimi, the two have been reunited and it feels so good! They have not left each other’s side since last night. :-*


This morning, we had our special friend come back to join us. It was nice out, so we spent a lot of time playing outside. That face though!! Between Jasper and Jax, they can have all.the.foods!


Wanna wrestle?


In the afternoon, Brooke, Jasper and I headed up to Steamboat Lake to grab our parks pass for next year. We had a temp one and had to get the real deal. I saw an adult. It was weird. I had to try to not be too awkward. Not sure if I succeeded.

When in Rome…



I am pretty sure that these views could NEVER get old.


Not sure what she is telling me?


Jasper was not mad about our little road trip.


Look, I took an unflattering picture to prove that I actually put on real clothes today. Almost didnt know what to do with myself.


Okay, maybe not the socks (also, Ken will kill me that they are not Smartwool).

Familiar site in the late afternoon…hello, trainer. Did you miss me? Forty-five minutes of interrupted soft pedaling. (I need a snack, I need a drink, my movie stopped….gah!!!).


And then it was time to make dinner, hang out with Ken, put the kid to bed and grade some work! Just your average Thursday. Nothing too exciting, but working our way to the weekend!!

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Golden Life, Emotional Running and a Flashback.

Hey there hump day people! Checking in a little late today. We had a pretty fun day over here as well as got some grading done, etc.

A little bit from yesterday….

Everyone needs a Golden Retriever friend to come over and play, right? We get him tomorrow too!


She dressed herself.


Wanted to take the trailer out, but couldnt find the adaptor….trainer it was.


Brooke thought it would be fun to dress up for the evening 😉


Just before bedtime, everyone one wanted in on some snuggle action.


For some reason, I woke up in the middle of the night with some low back pain and couldnt go back to sleep. That was a nice 4 hours of hang out time. Blech!

Brooke and I started the morning off with a dip in the hot tub to loosen things up. She didnt complain 😉


Somehow, that is the only picture I took today! We did a lot of playing, took a trailer ride (1 hour of base), working, laundry and all that jazz.

Came across this article…

It talks about the emotional side of trail running. I dont really think about the emotion involved with workouts often. I am not one to cry because of a workout or the excitement or emotion of a race. I dont often reflect on body image. I know that I am not the fastest runner, the fittest cyclist or have the rock hardest (word?) body and you know what, I am A-ok with that. I am happy where I am and with what I can do. Running for me is a great way to burn off the crazy and I am so appreciative of that!

Thoughts? Are you a run-thinker? Does emotion come into play for your workouts? Do I need to see a psych for my lack of self reflection? 😉

Anyways….came across so fun flashback photos! Thought they could be fun!





I cant handle the tiny Brooke. That hair!!


Alright, time to brush the teeth and make up for lost sleep! Have a good night!!

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Training time and a SS Win for the Husband!

Howdy folks! How’s it hanging? We are still a little under the weather over here, but digging our way out!

Because Brooke was still icky sickie over the weekend, Ken headed down to Boulder solo on Friday night to get a topper on the truck and then race on Saturday. We were super sad to miss it, but we try not to share the germs with our friends 😉

On Friday, I hit up the trainer for an hour. It was nice and sweaty.


Jasper felt that the morning was better spent in front of the warm stove.


Post workout, Brooke convinced me that we NEEDED to carve her pumpkin.


She was pretty excited (and then grossed out) by the insides.



She felt the need to decorate it with a sticker as well!


Super quality pic of our cuddle time. Missing Dad!!


On Saturday, we spent the morning making slime. One of Brooke’s favorite things!


There were some issues with the online course I teach, so there was a lot of time answering students and working with tech support during the day.

We had a nice little blizzard come in from out of nowhere.


While Ken was racing, I hopped on the trainer so I could ride at the same time as him 😉

My awesome SIL sent be play by play updates on his race! And pictures! (Please note the difference in weather)


It came down to a bike throw at the end and Ken walked away with the W. Sooo sad to miss the race, but so happy to feel like I was there 😉


Post race, Ken headed back home. We were all pretty excited to see him!

He brought Brooke a remote control car and she LOVES it. Jasper on the other hand….glued to my side if it is out!


He brought me treats too!


Sunday morning started off with some pumpkin waffles and whipped cream. Wanna guess what Brooke was playing with?? Terrified of that car! PS the computer is not typically on the dining table, but there was a Cyclocross race on that we were watching.


We spent the day working around the yard/house. Ken installed lights on the front of the shop. Photo coming soon. He let me sneak out for an almost 2 hour ride OUTSIDE which was amazing!!!

It was a nice low key day that included the hot tub…because, why not?!

Monday morning started out early for Ken as he had a 4 day hunting tag and was hoping to get an elk. I know that some people will cringe, but the elk will feed our family for much of the winter and he set out with that in mind, he didn’t head out for the thrill of it.

He managed to get one just up behind our neighbor’s house. The herd made him work for it, for sure. He spent the day working on that endeavor while Brooke and I played around the house.

I took the day as a rest day and enjoyed just relaxing (mixed with chores). Brooke got a special present. Thanks, Mom….giant horse!! They are new besties!


Another dip in the hot tub ended our evening on a great note!

Today has been a little more mellow than yesterday morning. Ken headed into work and we spent the morning doing Highlights sticker searches.


Apparently, she was distraught over not being able to find this one.

We are babysitting the neighbor’s Golden today. Lots of entertainment for sure!!



Now it is time to hit up the chores list and see how the day pans out. Lots of grading to look forward to this evening 😉

Hope you have had a lovely start to the week!!

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