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Vacation Days

on October 26, 2017


Hey there and happy middle of the week to you! Our week has been a bit strange over here. Ken worked on Monday, but is taking the rest of the week off, so there is a lot of projecting going on over here.

Couple of Monday things….

Totally normal to have a horse princess with you.


Threw together some banana bread because we had 5 bananas that were in need of quick use!



Found myself on the trainer for an hour. Blech.


Why yes, I am watching Hart of Dixie.


Unloaded the truck from the weekend and found Brooke’s new snow boots that Ken found her.


Opened up this bad boy! And it was everything.


On Tuesday, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast before Ken set out to destroy the kitchen. Kidding. Kind of.

He is putting in lighting above and below the cabinets. It is going to be AWESOME…but for now….disaster.


While we worked away, B kept herself occupied.


Mid-day cold brew coffee with coconut milk…yes, please.


Ken let me slip away for an hour and 4o minute ride. It was gorgeous out!!


A bit chilly….but gorgeous.


Post-ride, we all headed into town for some errands. Pool, grocery, renting Brooke’s skis for the season!! Now she just needs some snow 😉

This morning, Ken got straight back to work on his lights. Jasper took the morning off.


I got out for an hour and 20 minutes. Perfection!! 3×10 minute efforts were a bit tough!


Spent the afternoon moving firewood, helping Ken unload a trailer and cleaning up some of this mess!!


Brooke likes to see how many toys she can get out in one day.



Ken headed into town for a night mountain bike ride. I would die. I can barely keep it upright with a sun above me!

Sounds like a night of grading over here!!

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