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A Weekend of Racing and Sitting in a Florescent Room.

on October 23, 2017

Hi there! How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?? We made the trip down to the Front Range for some fun/work.

On Friday, Brooke and I spent some time destroying the house with toys and then cleaning it up.

Girl cant get enough of her costumes.


Apparently, she thought Jasper should also try out his princess skills. Poor guy.


I did an hour on the bike to open up the legs for Saturday (not sure that worked. hahaha).

Brooke “made a new couch” because the current ones are not good enough?


In the evening, it started to rain (hard!) and we had some cool lightning.


On Saturday morning, we woke up to this….


Fall is a funny season in the mountains.

We packed up and loaded the truck and headed down to the Front Range around 9. It was a beautiful and relaxing drive and we had plenty of time when we got to the course. Unfortunately, neither Ken nor I had the day that we had hoped for. I struggled just to get around the course (working on recovering from a cold) and was just happy that I managed to not get lapped (and wasnt last!). Ken suffered a few mechanical issues and people crashing into him and called the race (I mean, he went through two bikes) early on.  At least Errin won her race that day and Colin put in an awesome showing for his first race as a 3!

We loaded back up and headed to a pumpkin patch!! Somehow I took no pictures, but we had a blast just walking around! We ended up with a GIANT pumpkin, so I will snap his picture when I unload the truck.

After an evening of hanging out, we headed to bed early. Ken and I had a rough time sleeping. For me, it was the idea that I had to wake up to an alarm. Well, I was up way before it went off, so there is that. Got dressed and headed off to 10 hours of continuing education. While I was sitting in an ugly florescent room…..

FullSizeRender (44)

Errin and Colin rode to Boulder Res and Ken, Brooke and Jasper drove there. Ken raced and had a MUCH better day, finishing second!




Errin was so sweet and sent me pictures throughout his race so I could follow along!

Yay, Ken!!

I met them all in Boulder around 5:50 for some dinner and then we headed to our respective homes! Ken made excellent time on the way home and we had Brooke showered and in bed by 10 (she fell asleep in the car at 8).

Now we are doing the Monday things and trying to recover from the craziness of the weekend! Since I sat ALL DAY yesterday, I am hoping to get in a run or ride today. Have not decided which, but it is SUPER windy. Going to see how the day plays out!

Hope you have fun things planned for the week!!!

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