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Quiet Thursday and Hello, Friday!!

on October 13, 2017

Friday dance. Friday dance!!! Woohoooooo to the weekend!!!

While our plans have changed, we still plan to make the most of our relaxing time this weekend.

Yesterday was a whole lot of down time.

Morning started with Jasper barking at cows. These cows have been in the field next to us ALL summer, but he still feels the need to bark at them in the morning. Should I tell him that they cant hear him and dont really care?


Brooke was still under the weather, so we spent a lot of time on the couch cuddling. She didnt have much of an appetite… except for beef jerky and chocolate ice cream?!?! Mother of the year 😉


We played some play doh, Candy Land and did some other low key activities before she opted for a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. I took advantage of that time and got some computer work done whilst enjoying a new to me drink. Thanks, coupon 😉


I really liked it, though it smelled a bit like celery…and there was no celery in it?

I took the day as a rest day and the only exercise that I got involved riding my mountain bike down to the mail box.

Low key afternoon and evening and an early bedtime.

Brooke woke up feeling a lot better today. YAY!! Still not going to risk sharing her germs, so we packed Ken up and he will be heading to the Front Range solo after work this afternoon.

Jasper felt that the 61 degree house was a bit arctic this morning….so he made me make a fire.


Seriously though. This guy.


No big plans for the day. Probably a trainer ride this morning and then some hanging out. Hoping to get outside for a little bit before a cold front rolls in tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures from our Fall pic session last week 🙂

DSC_0089 (2)

DSC_0094 (2)

DSC_0139 (2)


DSC_0239 (2)

DSC_0247 (2)

Hope that you have an amazing weekend!!

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