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Sunrises, More Dentists and Plan Changes

on October 12, 2017

Howdy, folks! How is it hanging this morning? We are rocking a low key morning over here.

Yesterday, we had a gorgeous sunrise. I am not a fan of having it be dark when we get up, but sights like these make it a little more worthwhile.


I was supposed to have a dentist appt at 12, but they called to see if I could change it to 11. A quick change of plans had us heading into town for a dip in the pool before the visit.


After a quick swim, we headed to the dentist. This girl was so well behaved. Numb faced dentist selfies. Perfectly normal.



With no feeling in the right side of my face (everything went great and was super quick), we thought it would be a good plan to go grocery shopping and run some errands. I am sure that all of the people we saw were impressed with my half-smile.

Got home and built a blanket fort. Brooke’s hair was on point!


I headed to the basement for an hour trainer workout. Two by 10 minute intervals just around threshold. It was an absolute sweat fest..


Sexy, I know!

Afternoon fire, because the dog wanted one.


B started to feel kind of yucky in the evening so it was an early night (Ken and I ventured to the hot tub for a bit!). Some quality hang out time with Brooke between 2:20 and 4 this morning has me feeling beat today!  She still doesn’t feel great, but she is play doughing it pretty hard right now 😉 Hoping it is a quick thing! Unfortunately, I had to steal some of her juice during lunch yesterday (due to an extremely hot pepper incident), so I am in the waiting stage to see if I end up with the ickiness. Boo to that!

Sounds like our weekend race plans may be Ken-sided this weekend. I am only slightly devastated 😦 I wonder if I can get him to go to Trader Joes….hmmmm. Here is to seeing what the day holds…

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