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Cozy Monday

on October 10, 2017

Happy Tuesday! Did you have a nice start to your week? It was pretty low key over here. The weather was pretty crummy, so we spent most of the day inside playing.

As promised, we woke up to some snow in the morning. It really was just a dusting. They had anticipated more, so it was okay by me when the storm mostly missed us.


Spent some time doing some chores and school work. Reading on the couch with snow on the ground might be my favorite!


Didnt take long for the snow to start melting off.


And because you NEED to bake on snow days…chocolate chip cookies for the win!



Lunch leftovers are the BEST. Especially when it is lasagna.


We got in some good dress up time.


I wasn’t allowed at the Ball until Brooke picked out an outfit for me. Bridesmaid’s dress came out of hiding. That is a pre-Brooke dress, so I was just happy to fit into it. My wedding shoes really make the outfit. HA.


Brooke wanted to start a band and I had to play the cowbell (?@). I told her that it was too loud for me, so she found me some hear plugs. Always the thinker, that one.


Then we switched gears and played “Max”. She loves The Secret Life of Pets and we play that often. I was the dog catcher and had to lock her somewhere. This is where she chose. Perfect!


And this is what the real dog does while we play… Jealous.


Must eat cookies.


By the afternoon, our snow was gone and the clouds were pretty neat!



Just before dinner, I hopped on the treadmill for the easiest 1.5 miles of jogging of my life. Needed to shake out my sore legs. Ken and I also spun for an hour on the bike trainers after Brooke went to bed 🙂

Came across some random images from this weekend. Thanks to Brent Murphy Photography. (Several people are out there on course taking pics and they are super fun to see after the fact). I have purchased several over the course of our racing seasons.

Clearly, I take the sand pit very seriously.


And then there is my husband who just makes it look easy.


My Dad’s sister got a Vizsla puppy. Because that doesn’t make us want one at all. Too bad Jasper would probably eat one! That little face….ahhhhhh. LOVE!!


Looks like we will have some sunshine and chilly weather this week. Trying to figure out workouts around that (I can handle the chill, but Brooke doesnt love it in the trailer).


Hope that you have some sunshine today and fun plans for the week!!

Looking forward to some Tempo Tuesday today! And some work 😛

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