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First Race of the Season (for us)

on October 9, 2017

Hi there and happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend?? Do anything fun and exciting?

Our weekend was a bit of a whirlwind…so let’s take it back to Friday….

I had good intentions of getting a post together on Friday, but there was just too much going on to sit down.

Started the day with some cuddles from my favorite girl.


Did some school work while sipping on some much needed coffee! I have to leave the lid off of this mug or I end up burning my tongue. Every.time.


Worked on some crafting…


I have been running my new diffuser with Thieves in it. It smells like Fall (hello, cinnamon!) and I LOVE it!!


Had some fun playing dinosaurs in front of the fire! It was pretty chilly on Friday and we actually saw sprinkles of snow.


Spent a lot of the day prepping for our trip on Saturday. With plans to leave the house at 5:15 am, I wanted everything as ready as it could be.

Frittata much?


I played around on my bike just before lunch to get the legs loosened up for Saturday’s race, it only snowed on me a little. Ken had converted my bike to single speed for the race and it was interesting (no trainer and no trailer) to go up and down the street and play in the yard while trying to open the legs up a bit.

In the evening, Ken and I loaded up the truck and went to bed as early as we could in anticipation of our 4:45 alarm.

Saturday morning started dark and early. Ugh! Had we not pre-registered I totally would have bailed and gone back to bed. When I woke Brooke up, her reaction was “YESSSS”. She was just a little excited to go see her friends. We had hoped she would fall back to sleep in the car. No luck.

Town was pretty quiet!


And sunrise was incredible!


Yes, I really needed a coffee IV.


We made it just in time for me to get my number and almost a full lap on the course. It was a really fun course (albeit a shock to the system!). Cross is full gas for about 40 minutes and it HURTS! Wowza! I ended up in 5th place and was pretty content with how the first race of the season went for me. (This is my…oh my goodness, keep it upright…face)



After changing into regular clothes and eating some lunch, Brooke was ready to go for her Pre-Junior race. She did great through the tough grass. I think I was more tired from helping her than my own race.





Just hanging waiting for Dad’s race! She had so much run riding her bike around and playing with her friends.


Ken went down early on in his race but was able to work his way up from a fourth row start. That is a lot of passing! He ended up in 12th in the Pro field. Not too shabby for the start of the season!


Once Ken was done and we had said our goodbyes, we made a quick(ish) trip to Costco and headed home. We got home around 9, put Brooke in bed and sat in the hot tub for a bit. That felt really good on Ken’s fresh abrasion đŸ˜‰

Sunday morning we woke up and took our time getting ready for Church. Once we were home, it was pretty much a day spent cleaning up the house and prepping dinner for company that evening. Ken sold our Santa Fe and then got the trailer into the shop before the snow hit.

I was able to get out for a quick 3 mile run before getting dinner in the oven. The wind was pretty brutal with the storm rolling in and my legs were quite tired from the race the day before, but it was so good to get out!.


We had a lovely evening entertaining before watching Tour de Pharmacy (hilarious) and then heading to bed! What a fun (and exhausting) weekend!

Cant wait to do it all again next weekend…with an extended stay on the Front Range đŸ˜‰

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