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Treadmill Time and More Snow!

on October 3, 2017

Happy Tuesday! Have you had a good start to the week? Sunny skies? Fall temps?

We had snow all day today, but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I will take it!

Random first thought of the day…. Is anyone else obsessed with baby peppers? Brooke was eating them at 9 am. She adores them. There are worse things, I guess. But breakfast? Not for me!


Around 10:45, I decided to head to the basement for an easy 3 miles on the treadmill. Four inches of snow and muddy roads didnt sound quite as appealing today. I think I am getting soft. 😉 Best part of running in a basement….does not matter at all what you wear. Long sleeves lasted about 4 minutes, even though it was about 40 degrees down there!


We are anticipating starting our cross season this coming weekend. Ken decided that it was time to find our cross wheels. We really stay on top of things over here.


Three easy warm miles. No complaints here.


Decided to throw some core into the mix today. Brooke felt that it was photo worthy. I was just trying not to drip too much sweat on the carpet. Even managed to stretch and foam roll. It was a big day over here. Normal people plank with dinosaurs and dwarfs, right?



After a quick shower and some lunch, Brooke and I headed into the abyss….or the back yard.



Snow slide!!!


Of course, we had to build a hotel for the dinosaurs.


Mid afternoon, I rode the quad down to the mailbox (in the snow and mud) to get the mail for this girl. She heard that her Halloween costume may be there and she was a little excited. When your Mimi works for Disney, you get pretty fancy. I am pretty sure she will wear this everyday until Halloween.



Once the husband got home, he and the kiddo played for most of the early evening before we ate dinner and watched The Secret Life of Pets. I LOVE that movie and Ken finally understands where 90% of my movie quotes come from.

Just hanging out being Rapunzel and marrying the dog on the porch in the snow. Typical evening over here!


Have a fantastic Tuesday!

2 responses to “Treadmill Time and More Snow!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh goodness could Brooke be any more adorable in her costumes. Do you guys plan on trick or treating? What is it like celebrating halloween in the mountains??

    • LeeAnn says:

      Thank you!! Last year was our first Halloween up here and Brooke was still pretty little and not really interested (we just went to our neighbor’s who had made her special cookies!). This year, I think we will go into town. They do a trick or treating event down the main street at the stores, etc. Sounds like it could be fun!! If it isn’t too snowy 😉

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