Fit After Little Bits

eat harder

on September 28, 2017

Whelp, we have made it halfway through the week. Cheers to that! Only 2 more workdays left and we are back to the weekend!

Yesterday morning started out with a treadmill workout. I am loving having it in the basement. Sure, I could have gone out in the 30 degrees. I would have survived, but there was something mighty nice about staying warm 😉 Four miles total with the middle two at a 7:50ish pace. Still working on the distance with my watch and calculating the paces between the 2. Thanks, technology 😉

Post-run and a quick shower later, Brooke and I were getting dressed to head into town. He had a couple of errands to run before swim lessons.


She is SO much cooler than me.


She loved her swim lesson and I enjoyed my 24 minutes of weights. Felt extra exciting after those tempo miles earlier. Side note: I am all about the free weights at the gym and actually dont use any machines. Granted, I have a really limited amount of time, but I just love the free weights. Typically, I spend about 5 minutes on the treadmill warming up, 10-15 minutes on arms and legs (I dont rest between sets, just a constant go alternating between muscle groups) and then the rest of the time on core. I’m nice and tired after!

After picking Brooke up, we headed to the coffee shop and walked around town for a bit before making our way to the grocery.

I have no idea what this flower is…but it intrigues me.


We may have had ice cream sandwiches on the ride home and I think most of it ended up on her face.


Two new to us flavors! LOVE them both.


With a side of science….


It was such a nice afternoon (no wind?!) so I convinced Brooke to join me for an hour tempo ride. (Yes: run, weights, ride…I was TOAST).


She then had to ride when we got home. Killing it in the bumpy grass!!


This morning we did school (we do M, W, F school time) and had an awesome time making our own cloud. Brooke is pretty impressed with all of the experiments. Thanks, Pinterest.


Experiment number 2, brownies!!!


Got her dance game on!!


Made some homemade chicken noodle soup. So good.


Ken had ridden in to work this morning and was sweet enough to offer me the ride home. Brooke and I drove in and met him at 5 and he drove her home while I rode!

It was pretty much perfect out. It was Workout Wednesday, so I had the pleasure of doing 2 x 20 minute efforts at threshold. I have no idea what I passed while I was doing them. Just tried to keep moving forward!

The views make it hard.




Made it home just in time for the sun to go down and to have dinner with the family! They had been outside riding bikes and playing. Worked great!!

Now, it is time to convince the husband that we should go in the hot tub….otherwise, I am not sure that I will make it out of bed tomorrow!

Have a good night!!

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