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Unintentional Blogcation

on September 13, 2017

And we’re back! It feels like it has been forever! Okay, maybe it has. We are finally feeling some normalcy after a week on edge.

Last Monday, a fire flared up in the mountains next to our house. Here are some pictures…














It was a pretty stressful week with a couple of evacuation notices, packing of bags and loading up of vehicles. We were lucky that they never fully kicked us out. The fire got to within 1.5 miles with us and going to bed at night with flames out the window was slightly terrifying.

The firefighters are INCREDIBLE. I have no words for how thankful I am for them and their ability to contain that fire before it came across the road. These guys are the real deal.

For the first few days, we were in a state of flames and smoke. As the week went on, we had some pretty terrible smoke-like dont go outside at all. Currently, we are doing pretty well during the day, but it still wake up to some serious smoke in the morning when the air is still overnight.

In the midst of our crazy week, we did find some ways to enjoy our time inside and snuck to town for some “better” air-still pretty crummy.

Not sure what is happening here…


Tried out some yoga/story time at the Library. She LOVED it and we will be going back this week. It works out because it is right before swim lessons (which she absolutely LOVES). Good times had by all! Bonus: I get 25 minutes in the weight room while she does swim lessons 2/week!


Saturday, Brooke and I made about 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies and Ken took them up to the firemen!


We also spent some time assembling this bad boy! Bring on winter!! I am in no way the biggest fan of working out indoors…but those negative degree runs were rough last year! Also, easier to get up in the dark to work out in the mornings when you dont have to freeze (and I get to work out during the day if Brooke isn’t interested in going for a longer run!).


Working on my braid game. Also, those highlights!


Yesterday, we opted to escape the smoke and head to Steamboat Lake. It had been SO LONG since I had worked out outside….like over a week! Ken let us drive the new truck (Brooke loves Sirius and the kid stations). Funny story, we got stuck going up the pass behind a garbage truck. Literally, 25 mph. Ken later asked if we floored it up and over and ruined his fuel economy. I laughed when I showed him this picture.


It was well worth the drive to get some sweet single track trail running in! 3 miles of non-smoking bliss! Sidenote: BOB on the single track= exciting. Jasper may have been the happiest of all.







Got crafty over the weekend!


Spent today at swim lessons and grocery shopping. AND opening the windows for a couple of hours!!! WHAT!?!?!?! Got in a 45 minute spin this morning in the basement and some gym time while B was being a fish. Split some firewood….all the chores 😉

It rained and hailed here this afternoon. Never know what you are going to get!!

4 responses to “Unintentional Blogcation

  1. Lindsay says:

    Incredible. Do you know if there was any damage to property in Steamboat? Did you follow/attend the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler last weekend? I would love to cheer someone on during that race one day because I know I could never run it! HAHA!

    • LeeAnn says:

      No structures were damaged in the fire, but our neighbors had a lot of their trees burn. The fire was about 15 feet from their houses, but the amazing firefighters kept them standing!
      The Run Rabbit Run is crazy! My husband told me tonight that the prize money is something like $12,000 for the winners? Crazy!! Not sure that I could make it that far or that I would want to be running in the forest through the night!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Wow! Incredible. Glad to hear that everyone is safe and that the firefighters were able to keep the fire at bay.
    Also, it looks like they have increased the winnings for next years race which seems insane.

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