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Smokey Labor Day

on September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope that you are enjoying a lovely 3 day weekend!

Just checking in with a few pics from the last few days!

Friday started off with some school work. Brooke is all about the science and I couldnt be more excited. The nerd in me is so happy.


She asked be to recreate a hairstyle that she had seen. I think we did a pretty good job!


Ken was done early at work so we lucked into a family bike ride that afternoon. Great start to the long weekend!

On Saturday, Ken headed to town around 10 to volunteer at the 3 day road race that is happening this weekend. Several of our friends are racing, but we opted out this year. Ken enjoyed a morning of hanging out at the start and sending racers off for their time trials.

Since Ken was gone, Brooke and I (and Jasper of course!) headed in to watch a bit of the air show that was in town.




We had a blast watching the planes do all of their tricks. Brooke was pretty impressed.


Got home and Jasper needed some cuddle time. Oh, Vizslas.


Once Ken got home, I headed off for a 1.5 hour bike ride. It was HOT, but pleasant out.

All the HAY.


They had a terrible time playing while I was gone.


I got home in time for Ken to head out for a ride of his own before dinner and then some hard core couch sitting!

On Sunday, Ken headed back into town at 6:45 to work at the race again. Brooke and I enjoyed a relaxed morning and played with some more hairstyles. My first attempt at the fishtail!


When Ken got home, we had some lunch and I headed out to ride to Steamboat Lake. A nice 24 mile/1:45 ride to meet up with Ken and Brooke (and Jasper) to paddle board!

Big Red Fire. So much smoke.



We had a blast relaxing on the lake….until Jasper decided to jump ship early and launch me into the lake. Good thing it was hot out 😉

Made it home in time to finish up dinner prep (slow cooker roast for the win!) while Ken got out for a bit on his bike.

We had grand plans of going hiking today (Monday) but woke up to skies filled with smoke.


We try to avoid working out (or even being outside) in smoke, so we cancelled our hike for the day in order to save our lungs.

Ken headed to meet a friend for a couple of hours of off-roading while Brooke and I hang out in the house with the air purifiers going 😉

We are talking about heading to town later to hit up the sidewalk sales. We will see what happens!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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