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Sometimes your Shoes Match your Shorts.

on September 1, 2017


Hi there! Happy Thursday 🙂

Been a little MIA this week. Nothing overly exciting going on, so I figured I would give it a couple days 😉

Tuesday started out with feelings like these. Pulled myself out of bed at 5:45 for some yoga and then wanted to curl up with this guy!


Decided to pull apart and clean out the pantry. We have a LOT of water bottles.



Played with Brooke and Ken’s masterpiece.


Did a little dancing.


Was going to go out for a trailer ride, but it was a bit too smokey. Hit up the trainer for 45 minutes before playing outside on the cross bike for 15 minutes trying to relearn how to get off and on! Brooke and I did some quality playing on the swing set in the afternoon!

Wednesday was a bit more exciting. We headed into town pretty early and grabbed some lattes before heading to the park. Brooke’s was steamed milk, but dont tell her!



Followed the park up with the pool and some grocery shopping. Good day!

In the evening, Ken made it home in time for dinner and then I jetted out for an hour ride! Since it was after dinner, things were pretty laid back. Didn’t want to see my dinner again! But I did see about 25 deer throughout the ride.

Started out beautiful and how cool is that moon?


Started to get a bit twilight-y….


And I ended in complete darkness…rode that last 1/2 mile pretty quick. You never know what animals lurk in those trees…


Today was a bit of a lazy day around here. Ken and I both struggled to get out of bed this morning.

Very thankful for this with a splash of coconut milk!


Did the science thing for “school” today! So fun!!


Cornstarch plus water equals awesomeness.


Who knew?!


Got in a 3 mile run. Trying to locate that foot turnover that I left somewhere at the beginning of summer. Averaged a 9 min/mile pace over the 3.

Sometimes your shoes match your shorts and socks and you get really excited about it!


And now….for the hot tub. Brooke is insisting. Cant resist. Had to wait for the lightning to stop 😉

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