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It’s Raining, it’s pouring…but at least it is Friday!!

Hey, hey Friday people!! Three cheers to the weekend!

We woke up to some gloomy weather over here. Happily curled up with a fire going and a kiddo playing dinosaurs.

But first, yesterday!

Thursdays are pretty busy over here, but Brooke and I took some time in the morning to get our coloring on! My mom was super sweet and surprised us with some cool pens that you use with a water-filled brush after and it gives the look of watercolor paint.

I am not sure who had more fun with them, me or Brooke.



While Ken and I had a frittata (that I had made the day before-easiest breakfast ever!), Brooke pretty much won breakfast with Noosa Vanilla yogurt and a sliced peach. I was only a little jealous.


After our coloring sesh, we quickly packed up and headed into town for some yoga/story time at the library. From there, it was a easy hop to swim lessons. I enjoyed my 25 minutes of weight lifting (1 mile warm up on the treadmill followed by arms and core-I skipped legs since they were pretty tired from the previous 2 days of workouts). I did a quick change into my swimsuit and met Brooke for 20 minutes of swimming in the warm pool.

We wanted to grab a couple more Halloween decorations, so we headed to Walmart (I MISS Target) for some spooky shopping. It was after 1 when we finished and Brooke was rightfully hangry. Popped into Qdoba to grab her a quesadilla before we headed home. She inhaled it.


Current obsession: Dinosaurs. She found this “Team Rex” and convinced me that her other 2 dinos needed a 3rd friend.


We spent some time crafting before heading outside to play for a bit. Perfectly normal to wear a princess dress all afternoon.


Not a bad afternoon view.


Storm rolling in.


Dress and rain boots. Perfect combo.



Threw together some fajitas for dinner and spent the evening playing with balloons and silly putty. Dream big! (We were supposed to hop on the trainers, but were both more into the couch).

This morning, Ken and I managed to pull ourselves out of bed and head to the basement to ride the trainers. We started watching The Accountant the last time we rode together and continued that this morning. It is really interesting and it was kind of hard to stop mid movie!

Came upstairs to rain and (thankfully) coffee before starting the day. The sky and colors were really interesting this morning.



Just enjoying some oatmeal and wet hair.


Jasper convinced me to make a fire. Guy loves the warmth!



Still raining outside, so I see a lot of inside play today. We have some coloring on our schedule, with a side of the Letter C and Number 3!

I could also go for a round of Nap Time…but that is unlikely 😉

Hope that you have an amazing Friday and a wonderful adventure-filled weekend!!

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Whelp, we have made it halfway through the week. Cheers to that! Only 2 more workdays left and we are back to the weekend!

Yesterday morning started out with a treadmill workout. I am loving having it in the basement. Sure, I could have gone out in the 30 degrees. I would have survived, but there was something mighty nice about staying warm 😉 Four miles total with the middle two at a 7:50ish pace. Still working on the distance with my watch and calculating the paces between the 2. Thanks, technology 😉

Post-run and a quick shower later, Brooke and I were getting dressed to head into town. He had a couple of errands to run before swim lessons.


She is SO much cooler than me.


She loved her swim lesson and I enjoyed my 24 minutes of weights. Felt extra exciting after those tempo miles earlier. Side note: I am all about the free weights at the gym and actually dont use any machines. Granted, I have a really limited amount of time, but I just love the free weights. Typically, I spend about 5 minutes on the treadmill warming up, 10-15 minutes on arms and legs (I dont rest between sets, just a constant go alternating between muscle groups) and then the rest of the time on core. I’m nice and tired after!

After picking Brooke up, we headed to the coffee shop and walked around town for a bit before making our way to the grocery.

I have no idea what this flower is…but it intrigues me.


We may have had ice cream sandwiches on the ride home and I think most of it ended up on her face.


Two new to us flavors! LOVE them both.


With a side of science….


It was such a nice afternoon (no wind?!) so I convinced Brooke to join me for an hour tempo ride. (Yes: run, weights, ride…I was TOAST).


She then had to ride when we got home. Killing it in the bumpy grass!!


This morning we did school (we do M, W, F school time) and had an awesome time making our own cloud. Brooke is pretty impressed with all of the experiments. Thanks, Pinterest.


Experiment number 2, brownies!!!


Got her dance game on!!


Made some homemade chicken noodle soup. So good.


Ken had ridden in to work this morning and was sweet enough to offer me the ride home. Brooke and I drove in and met him at 5 and he drove her home while I rode!

It was pretty much perfect out. It was Workout Wednesday, so I had the pleasure of doing 2 x 20 minute efforts at threshold. I have no idea what I passed while I was doing them. Just tried to keep moving forward!

The views make it hard.




Made it home just in time for the sun to go down and to have dinner with the family! They had been outside riding bikes and playing. Worked great!!

Now, it is time to convince the husband that we should go in the hot tub….otherwise, I am not sure that I will make it out of bed tomorrow!

Have a good night!!

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Did I Miss the Weekend?

I thought that I knew what exhausted was…until this weekend came and went. I could have gone to bed at 7 tonight, but I am actually getting some work done and thought I would pop by to say hello!

Let’s rewind a bit…last Thursday’s impromptu meal….steak, roasted potatoes and coleslaw. Made for some sweet leftovers the next day 😉



Thursday was a bit more exciting for Miss B. She was all dressed up and ready to head to town around 2 pm for Community Appreciation Day at the Steamboat Ski Resort.


Quick stop to play in the stream on the way.



The roller coaster! Our reason for the trip into town (free for the day!). We had not been to the resort all summer, so it was interesting to see what they had created. Not exactly the most pleasant to the eyes, but seemed exciting.


Had some time to kill in line. We were there really early and only had a 15 minute wait. Later, it was 1.5 hours. Winning there!




Not thrilled about having to wait.



Consensus: It was a lot of fun. The ride up is much longer than the ride down, but it is gorgeous so you cant complain. The ride down was a lot of fun. Brooke was a little skeptical of the full turns (I had to use the brakes a bit for her). It is a little choppy on the neck. Overall, we had a really good time. I will be interested to see if it is a money maker for the resort or not. Rumor is that it will be open in the winter too. That could be exciting! Seems like a good option if you are visiting and looking for something other than hitting the ski slope 😉

Once we were done, they let us know that EVERYTHING at the resort was free for the day?!?!! Our afternoon just filled up 😉 I called Ken and he had finished early at work, but hadnt quite made it out of town yet. He turned around to come back and join us.

Just a round of mini golf on the most gorgeous course ever! Seriously, this was better than the coaster. So many cool features. Ken met us on hole 12. It was a blast!!


Post-golfing, Brooke was elated when she found out that she could go inside the giant balls. Truth: I have always wanted to, but am too chicken to do it in public! She LOVED it!



Got our warm weather tubing on! Girl loves her some speed!


Brooke and Ken hung out a bit longer and hit up an obstacle course while I did the grocery shopping and met them at home for dinner.

We had an amazing time!! Thank you Steamboat Resort!!

While at the grocery, I found a bag of the cutest little pumpkins. Instant fall decorating!


Started Friday morning off with a bang unloading a trailer full of firewood that Ken had picked up earlier in the week.


You would not even believe how heavy some of the logs were. These were seriously still trees and I couldnt move them at ALL.

Spent some time making fossils….


I rode the trainer in the early afternoon and it was pretty chilly! Quality photo, but started in a ski jacket. Didnt last long 😉


So much awkward.


We had a low key night visiting a friend before hitting the hay in preparation for a big day on Saturday.

Nothing like waking up on the morning you are heading out for your last firewood run and having it be freezing and raining. Excellent. After a warm breakfast, we loaded up in the truck (warm clothes and towels for us and toys and a movie for Brooke).

We ventured into the forest and lucked into an area where there was a good amount of trees that had already been cut down. Ken and I spent about 2.5-3 hours working away: marking, cutting and loading wood onto the trailer and into the back of the truck. If it wasn’t raining on us, it was snowing. The last 20 minutes or so got pretty cold, but luckily we managed that long and were able to fill up the trailer with plenty of wood.


Spent most of Saturday afternoon moving and splitting and stacking. Somehow, we managed to hop on the trainers for an hour that evening. I have no idea how.

Sunday, we started our day with church. Refusing to look at me.


Jasper was not too excited about us leaving him.


When we got home, Ken encouraged me to take advantage of the (only partially sketchy looking) weather and go out for a ride. It was windy and cold, but I got in an hour and 20 minutes of suffering. 3×10 minutes at threshold with some surges in there too. Whew.

Quickly changed clothes after my ride and threw a chicken in the slow cooker before heading out to work on the wood pile. It was pretty nice to only have to pop back in to throw some veggies in the oven. We got a lot done!

Thank you slow cooker!!


Even managed to prep for bone broth overnight!

This morning, Brooke and I did some school work. We cut out a bunch of shapes and then saw what we could make out of them! She loved it. We also worked on the letter C and then I switched out my summer and winter clothes. Wahhhhhh.


I snuck out for an easy 3 mile jog before finishing up the rest of the splitting and stacking of wood. SOOOOO happy to be done with that. There is a little bit of clean up to be done at the wood pile, but overall, we are pretty close!

Brooke was ready for some outside time after I was done (and it was finally nice enough for her to want to be outside!) so we grabbed her bike and she rode to the neighbor’s house to show off her skills! I am still in disbelief that she is riding with no training wheels…and LOVING it!

Came home, made lasagna, ate lasagna, bedtime for the kid….work time for Mom. Ken is out in the shop doing guy things, so I am finishing up prepping for my class that starts in 2 weeks. Thrills of a Monday!

Sorry for the novel….Fall is BUSY!

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