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Every Long Day Should End with Rose’

on August 26, 2017

Well, Friday, you were a long one! A good one, but a long one!

This morning started off with Ken’s alarm waking us up at 5:30. I dont have a clock next to the bed, so I really had no idea what time it was until I heard the coffee part start up at 5:45 (I just played dead for 15 minutes hahahaha).

Ken hopped in the shower and I threw on clothes before heading down to start breakfast. We did all the morning things (Brooke woke up at 6:40) and were all loaded up in the truck by 7. We set out on our road trip down to Denver to ship Ken off to Idaho!

The ride down was pretty easy and only took about 3.5 hours (no stops). Since Brooke and Jasper were itching to get out of the car, we made a quick stop at Denver City Park for some play time.




Had to chase some geese.


It was our first time and it was pretty cool!


After we were all nice and worn out, we swung by Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things! It was pretty hot out, so Brooke and I speed shopped to get back to Jasper in record speed.

Hopped on the freeway only to be filled with infinite anxiety. Have I mentioned how much I love living in a small town?!?!


We EVENTUALLY made it to Costco to fill up with gas and grab a bag of ice. It was NUTS (hello, Friday afternoon) so we just opted to grab ice and GET OUT!

The drive up the mountain was a lot slower than our morning trip down. Hello, tourist/vacation travel. Some driver’s were out of their minds with the moves they were pulling. We were happy to make it to Silverthorne in one piece.

Stopped by Target to grab a couple things (and browse). It was MUCH cooler, so we were able to take our time a bit.

Jasper was much more impressed with the second half of the drive. Some traffic into Steamboat, but nothing crazy!


Made it through town (which was too busy for our taste) and Brooke decided that she wanted to take the long, dirt way home. She hadnt had enough time in the car?!?!

Views like these, though. Cant blame her.



Oh, hay…..


We made it home about 5:20. Just in time to break open some sparkling Rose’ and sparkling lemonade for some back porch sitting!



Rough being this girl!


Had some dinner and played some fetch!


Time for the B to get ready to bed and me to spend 2 hours or so grading.

The husband is on a bit of a road trip of his own…he isn’t hating it 😉

Side note: After 2 weeks of slothness and eating a pretty terrible diet (okay, my standards of terrible), I am REALLY ready to jump back into a workout schedule! Can only be sedentary so long!!

Have a magnificent weekend!!

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