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A Recovery Weekend without the Recovery

on August 22, 2017

Hey Friends! How did your Monday treat you? Weekend?? Did you get to do some relaxing?

I had grand plans for some hard core relaxing. You know, since it was my first weekend with NO workouts/training since maybe Christmas?!

Ha. Not even close!!


We were up and at ’em before 7 (thanks, Brooke) and sipping the good drink (LATTE). Ken headed out with the truck and trailer just after 8 ready to cut some firewood. I picked up permits on our way home from Denver last week so we were ready to go.

Brooke and I gave him a head start and began our journey up to meet him around 10. We went well equipped with lunch and plenty of water. While Ken enjoys him some chainsawing (verb?), I tend to be relegated to the role of pack mule. LOTS of trips into the woods to carry logs out. Talk about a workout on a non-workout weekend! So sore!

Brooke is a rock star. She spent a good amount of time blowing bubbles in my path to the truck. When she had enough of the bubbles, she played in the truck (we brought tons of toys and some cool books that you “paint” with water in a brush.


We were pretty exhausted when we got home and since we didnt want to bother our neighbors who were sitting on their porch (by firing up the chainsaw), we just crashed their party and enjoyed an evening of relaxing (followed by dinner and the hot tub).


We started out Sunday morning with Church! It had been a WHILE and it was good to be back! Brooke had an amazing time in her class.

Came home and had lunch before spending some quality time cutting up the wood (Ken did them in lengths of 3 so we had less trips in the woods). We found a system that worked and were done in about an hour! I did a little splitting before calling it a day!


Somehow, we ended up chatting it up with the neighbors again before heading home to make some tacos and then hit up the hot tub again 😉



Today was a pretty productive day! Moved the mattress and box spring back to the basement. Finished up splitting the firewood and stacking it all! Hopefully we will only need one more trip with the same amount to be set for the winter!

Enjoyed the weirdness of the eclipse lighting. Didnt really get too dark here, but the shadows were cool and we had to turn our lights on inside!

Around noon, I called up our neighbor (her daughter is in town before college starts back up!). Asked if she wanted to make $20 and hang out with Brooke while I went for a ride! First ride in 7 days!! It was really nice to NOT have the trailer. Not sure my legs could handle that!

Me pretending to be the moon. Eclipse, baby!



Views never disappoint!



There was a herd of antelope chilling out there!


All the dirt!



Oreo cow!


Full blown eclipse traffic!


Brooke had an awesome time entertaining the neighbors while I rode. I took popsicles over as a treat afterwards!

Spent the rest of the evening prepping a pizza and cleaning up the house!

And there we have it!! Excited to head to town tomorrow and hit up the pool!!

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