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Mini Road Trip, Errands and a Fair

on August 18, 2017


Happy Friday!! To be honest, I really have no idea what day it is. I only know that it is Friday because the husband sent me for firewood permits for this weekend!

How about some highlights, since the last couple of days have been a mix of driving and errands.


*Drove the 4 hours to the Denver/Boulder area for a couple of appointments.

*Picked up a chainsaw from a guy off Craigslist. (The husband set it up and sent us for it since we were down there). Walked up in yoga pants and a tank top with Brooke. His reaction was “You dont look the type.” Thank you? bahahahahaha. Little does he know, I will be splitting all the wood!

*Even though it was 4:30, Brooke and I stopped at YellowBelly for an early dinner. If you are in Boulder or Vail, do it. You will thank me. Their sides….no words.

*Drove to Loveland and checked into our hotel before playing in their pool for the evening. According to Brooke: “Best day of my life.” I think it was the pool 😉


The main reason for our Front Range stay was to have some warranty repairs done on our Santa Fe. Most of the dealerships were booked, but Loveland had a lot of openings and were wonderful to work with!

*Got to the dealer at 8, shuttle took us to the mall. Mall doesnt open until 10 (only Barnes and Nobles at 9). Did a complete lap before the bookstore/ COFFEE opened. It was oddly peaceful without people!


*Found an African Sculpture pathway/trail. It was amazing!








*Hit up Barnes and Nobles to find a toy/book for the ride home and some coffee. Got the call that our car was done and the shuttle was on its way! Left the mall at 9:50 before any of the stores opened. HA!

*Stopped by Costco for some essentials before driving the 4 ish hours home!

*We were happy to be home and out of the car 😉


Today we woke up with one thing on our minds: the fair!! We had heard about it earlier in the week, but the timing didnt work out until today, so we hopped in the truck and drove out to Hayden.

Brooke was in Heaven!! We saw ALL THE ANIMALS!  Small, medium, large.

It was great!!





We happened to be there just in time to catch the dress up show! Adorable!




The rest of the day has been filled with fun things like laundry, weeding and dishes. Jealous much?

If you notice, there is something missing from the last 4 days…workouts! That’s right! So far, I am 4 complete days into rest/recovery. Today was the first day that I started to feel a little crazy. My body has been pretty happy with the days off, but I am itching to get in a soft pedal ride! Maybe if Ken gets home in time this evening…or maybe tomorrow.

My body is not quite ready for a run yet, so when Ken told me that these babies (my gift for completing last weekend!) came in, I told him to leave them at work for the weekend! No temptations! hahaha. We will see if he follows through 😉


Aren’t they gorgeous? The Ghosts. Cannot wait to give them a try. A little extra cushion for now!

Well, that’s about all of our excitement over here! Hope that you had a good week and have some seriously fun plans for the weekend. Anyone traveling for the eclipse next Monday? Pretty sure that we are sticking close to home.

See ya next week!

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