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Brisk Ride and the Grossest Thing I Have Ever Tasted.

on August 10, 2017

Hump Day! Check!! On that slope to Friday, Y’all!!

This morning started out with a fairly early trailer ride. I was bound and determined to beat the rain today and not have to ride in the basement! Really, this place I live, though!

FullSizeRender (38)

Partner in crime! And a bit grumpy today.


See those things on my arms?! It was brisk. And I loved it!



Post-ride, I played on my mountain bike trying to figure out how to corner better. The struggle is real! Jasper had a blast chasing me around.

Then, this happened. It is hard to be him!


Spent a good amount of time doing laundry, dishes and all of that fun stuff. Played some legos.

Before we knew it, it was time to pick up Ken from work. We are single vehicle this week. He wanted to get a ride in, so he rode to work. We picked him up since there were thunder storms scattered around us.

Not sure the last time she fell asleep during the day. She woke up in a terrible mood and then was mad when it was bed time. Pretty sure I will force her to stay awake next time 😉


Ken brought home a few of these… I thought that they were a joke. Couldn’t even handle one taste. Almost threw up. Not for me!


Anyone tried that flavor before? Thoughts? Barf??

Gotta hop into some grading!


2 responses to “Brisk Ride and the Grossest Thing I Have Ever Tasted.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like an awful flavor of Gu. Have you ever tried Simple Fruit by PowerBar? It is probably my favorite nutrition to use during my runs. Do you use nutrition during your training rides?

    • LeeAnn says:

      I have not tried it, but that sounds much more friendly to the taste buds!
      I try to get most of my calories from food during my rides. I have a hard time with the super processed foods (like gels and chews-though I will use them if needed). I love RX bars, beef jerky, bananas….that kind of thing. Skratch makes some great sports drink mixes that use real fruit and are pretty delicious!!

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