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Smoke-shortened Ride

Made it through Monday, again! Go you! Good weekend? Busy? Lazy? Fun??

Our weekend was a bit of it all!

After our whirlwind Friday last week, Brooke and I were happy to jump lazily into Saturday morning.

Some pancakes, some orange juice and some much needed coffee!


The husband happened to be at his parent’s house for the evening and got to hang out with them a bit on Saturday morning before heading homeward. He may have flown to Idaho to purchase a truck….living on dirt roads is hard on a lesser vehicle!

While he was making his way home, Brooke and I did our best to clean out the inside of our Sante Fe. I cannot say enough good things about that car! We have really enjoyed it and will miss it, but we also dont want to kill it on our rougher roads.

Most of our day was spent vacuuming and wiping and cleaning. Luckily, it was pretty gorgeous outside!


It is possible that I was thinking about the possibility of consuming some of (one of) these and that is what kept me going 😉


We finally took a break around 3:30 and headed out for a super easy trailer ride. Since my two weeks of rest officially ended yesterday, I figured a light easy spin on Saturday would be okay! It was a blast. I just love that Brooke sings random songs the whole time!


On Sunday I took no pictures. That about sums up the day. hahaha. We did the church thing and then spent most of the day working around the house and finishing cleaning up the car. Not so exciting. The hot tub at the end was pretty sweet, though.

This morning, Ken and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed in the dark. He went out for a brisk ride and I got me some yoga time. It was UGLY. oh my gosh. The lack of stretching over the last couple of months is still haunting me. Everything was so tight…or I cramped trying to hold a position. Hot mess.

Brooke decided to take over the island for some play time.


We ventured out around 9:45 for a ride but it ended up being too smokey out for us! It was a super easy ride (didnt want to work the lungs in the smoke) and really short. Ended up being 45 minutes of soft pedaling. A start I guess.

Made it worth it!


Just checking out the baby horses!


Since the ride was short, we came home and did some weights and core! Lemonade!

IMG_2897 (1)

Around noon, Brooke headed over to the neighbor’s house to hang out while I headed to Craig for CPR re-certification. Always a good time :/  Luckily, we got done a bit early and I was able to head back home!

Hard to see…but those trees are changing colors. ahhhhhh.



Picked up the B and we have been hanging out doing some chores, blowing bubbles on the porch and watering the flowers and trees. Never a dull moment over here!!

As she finishes up in the bath, I am contemplating dinner…..time to get back to meal planning…the uncertainty kills me!

Catch ya later!!

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Every Long Day Should End with Rose’

Well, Friday, you were a long one! A good one, but a long one!

This morning started off with Ken’s alarm waking us up at 5:30. I dont have a clock next to the bed, so I really had no idea what time it was until I heard the coffee part start up at 5:45 (I just played dead for 15 minutes hahahaha).

Ken hopped in the shower and I threw on clothes before heading down to start breakfast. We did all the morning things (Brooke woke up at 6:40) and were all loaded up in the truck by 7. We set out on our road trip down to Denver to ship Ken off to Idaho!

The ride down was pretty easy and only took about 3.5 hours (no stops). Since Brooke and Jasper were itching to get out of the car, we made a quick stop at Denver City Park for some play time.




Had to chase some geese.


It was our first time and it was pretty cool!


After we were all nice and worn out, we swung by Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things! It was pretty hot out, so Brooke and I speed shopped to get back to Jasper in record speed.

Hopped on the freeway only to be filled with infinite anxiety. Have I mentioned how much I love living in a small town?!?!


We EVENTUALLY made it to Costco to fill up with gas and grab a bag of ice. It was NUTS (hello, Friday afternoon) so we just opted to grab ice and GET OUT!

The drive up the mountain was a lot slower than our morning trip down. Hello, tourist/vacation travel. Some driver’s were out of their minds with the moves they were pulling. We were happy to make it to Silverthorne in one piece.

Stopped by Target to grab a couple things (and browse). It was MUCH cooler, so we were able to take our time a bit.

Jasper was much more impressed with the second half of the drive. Some traffic into Steamboat, but nothing crazy!


Made it through town (which was too busy for our taste) and Brooke decided that she wanted to take the long, dirt way home. She hadnt had enough time in the car?!?!

Views like these, though. Cant blame her.



Oh, hay…..


We made it home about 5:20. Just in time to break open some sparkling Rose’ and sparkling lemonade for some back porch sitting!



Rough being this girl!


Had some dinner and played some fetch!


Time for the B to get ready to bed and me to spend 2 hours or so grading.

The husband is on a bit of a road trip of his own…he isn’t hating it 😉

Side note: After 2 weeks of slothness and eating a pretty terrible diet (okay, my standards of terrible), I am REALLY ready to jump back into a workout schedule! Can only be sedentary so long!!

Have a magnificent weekend!!

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Birthday number 34

First things first….Today is the Husband’s birthday!! 34! Yes, he is about 8 months younger than me. Cradle robber and all. Naturally he had to go to work. Bummer.


After Ken had left and we had finished up breakfast, we headed outside to work on more projects.

Brooke takes her painting very seriously!


Pretty excited about my ground cover in my planters. Hope they come back after the snow!


The flower in the first pot died. Brooke decided to plant a full grown weed in it. Thanks, B.

Amazing bathroom picture of how cool I look when I work around the house/yard. I have to fend off lots of cat calls. I kid. That’s just the sounds of the mama cows in the field just down from us.


First project of the day….dark stripe! Done.


Plans to continue on the bottom section were delayed due to morning storms. Blech.


Took my chances and started mowing. Got a bit done before I had to head inside to get out of the rain! I can do drizzle, but not a fan of full blown wet!


My mom sent Brooke some awesome Disney clothing. She had to put on a fashion show for me. This was my favorite.


After lunch, the rain let up and I was able to head out and finish mowing. Whew.

It also dried up enough to get two coats of paint on the bottom section. I am gonna say that my color matching skills were on point for this one!


Even Ken was impressed!! Blends right in now. 🙂

After a quick shower, it was time to get to dinner prep. Beautiful salad, cheddar mashed potatoes and these bad boys. The makings of a perfect man-birthday dinner!


Not to mention the Hot Fudge Sundae Pie for dessert. I AM SO FULL.


She didnt hate it 😉


Had hoped to get a run or ride in today, but the weather just wasnt cooperating. Plus, I am still within my 2 weeks of “rest” where I only ride or run when I feel like it. All that changes on Monday. Better enjoy the rest! haha.

My sister sent this. I die.


Time to finish the night off with some hot, sexy grading 😉 Have an amazing Friday tomorrow! We will be doing some driving so I am not sure if I will be on here…maybe!



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