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New Windshield and a Patched Tire.

on July 26, 2017

Last night was just your average evening over here! Wearing a mask and snorkel. No big deal.


This morning, we woke up to rain (and downpours at times!). It is always great when you actually have to be somewhere and have to load the car in the rain. Especially when that thing is your bike and you are trying not to fall off of the car while putting it on top!

Once everything was loaded (including the kid), we headed down the driveway. About 4 feet in, my tire pressure light came on. A quick call to Ken told me that it had done it last week as well and that he had added air. I hooked up the compressor adapter and filled the tire up. Since it was wet, I was able to hear that there was, in fact, a leak somewhere.

With air in our tire we headed to the windshield place! Dropped off the car and hooked up the Weehoo and Brooke and I were off on a ride! We spent about an hour and a half riding around and hitting up some parks. The rain was kind enough to hold off for us (though we were prepared with rain gear!).



Back at the glass shop, we waited while they finished up, loaded up and went in search of a shop that could fix our tire. It took 2, but we found one and it just happened to be next door to one of our favorite restaurants, Moe’s! We split a nice sandwich and were able to pick up the car right after! We had plans to hit up the grocery, but we were both over it and decided to head home!


Just your normal windshield replacement. Happened to have a horse connected to the truck!




Jasper was pretty excited to see us when we got home. I threw my bike shorts back on (PS this is what I wore around town. Nobody wants to wait around in straight up bike clothes at a glass shop-best of both worlds) and took Jasper out for some bike handling work. Photo cred: Brooke. Pretty sure she was more interested in the cupcake in the pic!


Worked on my skidding ability. I had none. Until today. Now it is fun. My brain is nuts sometimes! I also braved going down the steep downhill in our yard with no braking going into it. It was awesome! Jasper did some hot laps with me too!


This thing is giant, do I get two wishes?


Brooke is currently snorkeling in the bathtub. Perfectly normal! Impressed that she is kinda getting it!


And now it is time to get the rest of my chores done! Looks like another storm is rolling in! Happy to take the rain now that I am done outside 😉

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