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Summer Clouds are the Best!

on July 21, 2017

Hey there, Thursday friends! Can we just start off by looking at these clouds. I LOVE summer clouds.

FullSizeRender (32)

We had a bit of a lazy Thursday over here.We were going to head out on a ride this morning, but Brooke and I got really into playing and then she got really into crafting and somehow the hours just flew by.

Did some more surgery on my shoe and pulled out some more rocks. Perfect! I emailed Brooks today to see what I could do about it. Look forward to hearing back from them!


Told you. Really into it. They kind of look like prisoners lining their cells, but hey.


Around 2, because we try to stay out of the direct sun between 10 and 2, we finally set off on our ride adventure. It was HOT. Oh my goodness was it hot. Like upper 80s (which doesnt sound that bad, but at 7000 feet of elevation, we are closer to the sun 😉 ).

Brooke decided that we should go the way with the steep climb. Thanks for that, B. It was like leg press city. I was pretty sure that she gained 45 pounds before we left! Ended up with 13.3 miles and 775 feet of climbing. With the trailer, that is a good amount of climbing in a pretty short amount of time!


Seriously so lucky that she puts up with all the training!


Please excuse the weird flipped in jersey. It is a cool jersey though! From that one time that I had a good cyclocross race. Someday I hope that happens again!


Terrible views on our ride.


Once we got home and cooled off, we read a little Range Rick Jr. before hopping in the shower.

Fun fact people…you are welcome!


Cleaned up (actually put on make up and curled my hair-it has been MONTHS) and then headed to meet Ken for a work dinner.

Brooke was pretty excited to run around like a crazy child.


Then we added sugar. Perfect.


When you were just at dinner but your kid didnt eat because she was too busy playing and as soon as you get in the car….”I’m STARVING.” Death stare child. Death stare.


But MOM!!!!


More clouds. Cant stop, wont stop. LOVE them.


Got home only to be shown this amazing prize the husband won at work. I fanny pack with built in speakers. Might have to steal that for all of our trailer rides. Then Brooke can sing to me!


And that’s our fun filled Thursday! Time to work and hit the sack!

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