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A Run and some Bike Park time!

on July 20, 2017

Happy Hump Day, everyone! We made it halfway to the weekend!

This morning started out a bit early for us as Brooke decided to hop into our bed. No idea what time it was, I dont dare look. Thankfully, we all fell back to sleep.

Once everyone was up and Ken had headed off to work, we set out for a run. I have not run with the jogger in a while and I felt it today. I did 3 miles with Brooke and Jasper and then dropped them off while I finished up 2 on my own. Five miles at a 9:18 average. I will take it.

Brooke snapped some pics after. When your 4 year old is your photog, there are some awesome outtakes.


Shirt-Lululemon. Shorts-Smartwool. Calf game….strong! And quite possibly the only reason I posted this picture. Ha!

Jasper was pretty excited that we got out before it got too hot.


After a quick shower (hot mess), we hopped into the car to head to town. Since we missed the bike park last week, we stopped at a different one today and it was AWESOME! We spent about 30 minutes playing around and Brooke LOVED it. I feel like we will be going back soon 😉


After a quick wardrobe change, we hit up the grocery for some much needed essentials before dropping some lunch off for Ken.

Came home to some neat and ominous clouds. Thought we might get some rain, but it kind of fizzled out.



Brooke made a camp. On the wood floor. Their is carpet right next to her. I dont understand.


And the most exciting part of the day….Brooke got a new pet. She has really been wanting a fish and has been working hard to earn one…No name yet!



That’s our day! Hope yours was great too!!

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