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Lots of Golden Time

on July 18, 2017

Tuesday. Thank you for not being Monday.

I need to go to bed earlier. A lot earlier. We have been going to bed too late watching episodes of White Collar. Ken has been able to pull it together to get out of bed. I have not.

This morning, I vaguely remember waking up when it started raining and Ken was getting out of bed. I absolutely passed back out and had the strangest dreams. I should have just gotten up. I blame running for being tired all the time!

Last night, Brooke made this gem. It’s a Bergen. Like from Trolls. Quality artist right here!

IMG_2477 (1)

While she was crafting and I was cooking dinner, I managed to eat a huge portion of this guy….with Brie. Cant stop, wont stop.

IMG_2478 (1)

This morning, once I actually dragged my butt out of bed and downstairs, I did the normal breakfast prep/Ken lunch prep and then the girlie was up to play. We headed out around 9:30 for 14 miles of biking fun. Forgot her helmet, again.

IMG_2480 (1)

We got to watch someone catch a fish. And we found our friend’s puppy had gotten loose and returned her. Busy biking day!


Once home, Brooke jumped into some playing while I changed clothes and headed out for a 3 mile jog. Jasper joined me for the first mile before deciding it was too hot (it was) and heading home. I grabbed the neighbor dog for the last mile. He may have a lot of fur, but he is only 4, so he was happy for the adventure!

At home, he gulped down some water and I grabbed a cool shower before making lunch for me and the B!


Somehow, I put on the same outfit that Brooke was wearing yesterday. Guess I have a thing for blue tops and tan shorts šŸ˜‰


Jax has some interesting variations of comfortable.


Currently grading assignments while these two craft on the floor next to me.


Cant get enough! Jasper might be enjoying some quiet time on the couch šŸ˜‰

Okay, back to grading lab reports!

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