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Weekend Round up

on July 17, 2017

Serious case of the Mondays over here! The lack of productivity is palpable. That means that the weekend was awesome, right?! Pretty much! I have to work this evening grading, so I will just say that I am resting to work. Perfect.

So, while I am lacking motivation to adult, I figured I could pop in and say hi! Β Here are some highlights from our weekend….


Ken’s morning started out a little earlier than ours as he headed out to meet a group for a long ride (100+ miles). We took our time getting ready for the day (and cleaning up our house) before we got ready to go to the Farmer’s Market. Because we were going to be out for a while, Jasper got to come too. He wasn’t sad about it!


Once Ken had finished up his ride, he met us as we were playing in the river! We had snagged some fresh peaches and pretzels at the Farmer’s Market and I am pretty sure that they were a perfect recovery snack πŸ˜‰

Ken, Brooke and Jasper were nice enough to drop me off at a dirt road on the way home so I could get in a run. It was upper 80s and pretty much no cloud cover. It was ROUGH.


The views, though. Not rough.


14 miles of dirt and no traffic.

IMG_2455 (1)

Every runners dream.

IMG_2456 (1)

I was aiming to get in between 15 and 16 miles, but the heat was a bit too much. I went through all 4 of my water bottles and snacks. At mile 14 I was out of water and decided that I was just going to walk the remaining mile home. In that moment, I looked up to see Ken and Brooke on the quad coming to bring me ice cold water. I opted to call it and took them up on the offer to drive me home.

After a quick cold shower (pretty sure that I was on the edge of heat exhaustion) I got to prepping some dinner while Ken and Brooke did some quality playing. We also watched as a helicopter dropped about 15 buckets full of water on the top of that mountain trying to put out a new fire. I think they got it!


We ate some delicious dinner on the porch and enjoyed some awesome family time!


We started off our Sunday at Church and then popped out to Seedhouse. Ken, Errin and Colin raved about part of the trail and I couldn’t wait to try it! Jasper and I set out on the mountain bike. It was pretty evident early on that it was a little too hot for the pup. He was lagging quiet a bit. Something about not getting a break on the downhills?

IMG_2463 (1)

I took the opportunity to take in the gorgeous views! And he took the opportunity to get in the river! He turned 8 on Friday too! 8 miles for 8 years!


That puppy face though! Not sure that he was excited about the stairs later that night. hahaha. The trail was amazing and we even ran into some friends hiking out there!


While I rode, Ken and Brooke played in the river and did some fishing. Not catching, but fishing πŸ˜‰

When Jasper and I got back to the car, I grabbed a sandwich and my cross bike. Jasper came home with Ken and B and I got about 28 miles in on the road. It was great to work both dirt and endurance for the day!

Made it home in time for some dinner and then gave the husband a 40 minute leg massage. He was a big week on the bike coming up!


Things are moving pretty slow around here today. We have spent most of the day crafting and playing inside.


Butterfly wings, for the win!

IMG_2468 (1)

Our neighbor is out for the day so we grabbed the pup next door to play with us. He just loves Brooke!


I wonder if the letter X will forever be tied to him!


That’s her serious face!


I guess it is time to pour myself off the couch and get something done. Taking a much needed rest day today. My legs are thanking me πŸ˜‰ They didn’t thank me for carrying buckets of water around this morning, but they are happy now!

Hope you made it through your Monday unscathed πŸ™‚

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