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Finally Friday.

on July 15, 2017

We made it, y’all. The weekend is HERE.

Since Ken had to leave a bit early for work today, I was up and at ’em before Brooke got up for the day. It is always nice to be able to fit in a bit of work before she is ready to hit the day running!

We had plans to work with the Horse this morning, but my neighbor called around 7:30 this morning and had to head into town for some errands, so we took the day off. Brooke woke up in an amazing mood and we hung out in her room cuddling before eating some breakfast.

It was nice and cool out and since we had the morning to ourselves, we headed out on the bike. I forgot to get Brooke’s helmet out of the car before Ken left, so she got to rock her ski helmet in the trailer 😉 Good thing it was still cool out when we rode or she may have melted.

Brooke was sure to point out all of our deer and antelope friends (and the cows and horses and fox….).


She may not look amused, but she was really just drinking some lemonade!


I cheated and wore my mountain helmet to take advantage of the visor. Hey, we were on 99.9% dirt 😉


Those clouds. That water. So good.


Once we got home from our hour ish long ride, we hung out playing play dough for a bit before I opted to tackle the mowing. It had rained the last 4 nights so there was finally something for me to mow!

Brooke was excited because Mimi sent her Bambi. She has been waiting FOREVER (or so she tells me) to see it. It bought me some time to get the lawn done! Thanks, Mom!

FullSizeRender (28)

FullSizeRender (29)

When I was done with the yard, I threw on some dirty bike clothes (because I was disgusting) and played on my mountain bike for 20 minutes while Brooke played in the trampoline with the sprinkler on under it. Works so well! She went straight into the bath when she was done because she was freezing. I used that time to clean up the house and prep dinner so we could get the weekend started!

Currently listening to Ken read Brooke Beauty and the Beast. Pretty sure he will be ready for a nap when he is done 😉

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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